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Welcome back to the forensics detailing channel the much-anticipated total wax hybrid solutions range within that range is their flagship, new ceramic spray coating. This is an sio2 spray and white protection type product that claims very long, lasting durability and hydrophobic performance. In this video we’re going to be comparing this product with other market leading products that I know perform really well and we’re gon na be marking them on a wide range of performance criteria and, in the end, providing you with some recommendations based on performance which product Is going to win stay tuned to find out, welcome back to the forensics detail channel in this video we’re putting four products up against the new hybrid solutions. Ceramic spray wax from Turtle Wax this new product costs. Eighteen pounds for 500 mil we’re going to be comparing it to the existing turtle, wax sealant hydrophobic wax also know this sealing shine, which costs around ten pounds for 500 mil from the turtle wet side.

Yes, it’s well known for being able to get it a lot. Cheaper from other venues, we are also gon na be testing it against the original old Fuso coat, which is going out of production, but it gives me a great yardstick and you used to be able to pick this stuff up for 21 pounds 22 pounds roughly for This 200 gram tin, so it’s a solvent based PTFE type, wet type sealants next up, McGuire’s, hybrid ceramic, wax very popular product. I know this product reasonably well and what it can do. It’S also an sio2 spray. So it gives us a good yardstick for this new ceramic product from Turtle Wax it’s comparing like for, like kind of in in a high level, product sense and finally, a different format of product.

My beloved TEKsystems moonlight, which is a lightweight ceramic, which I believe, uses real ceramic material that you perhaps might find in real ceramic coatings. You know the little glass bottles, but it uses a lot of oil carrier as well, so the resultant material perhaps is less solids or silica and more oil. So it’s a softer, lighter ceramic coating, very easy to apply this stuff costs around thirty five quid for 250 mil, let’s get stuck into the testing okay guys. The first test is always value for money. This isn’t just a price.

This is the price versus how much you get how long it will last you how many cars you can do with it, and this is my opinion of the value for money guide. So simply the last place was tax systems. Moonlight you get about 10 cars with it 35 pounds. It works battery 50 per application. Next up the new turtle wax ceramic spray.

Coating Turtle Wax are gon na, be pricing. This in the UK. I believe 18 pounds for 500 mil. I don’t know if any other distributors will be undercutting their price or but that’s the price I’m told it’ll be out. That puts it in line with most silica sprays, but it’s nowhere near as cheap as some of their other products, or indeed the Maguire’s hybrid ceramic wax, which is around 20 pounds.

But you get about 750 milk, so it works out cheaper in second place, but the turtle wax seal in hydrophobic, wax or semen shine ten pounds on the turtle website. So I assume that’s. There are our pay for 500. Obviously, you can get this product a lot cheaper either way, though guys you will go through this spraying liquid product, a lot quicker than the 200 grams of through so coat. You just need a tiny bit on the applicator, like literally a quarter turn, and then you could do the whole body bonding with that quarter turn this will do the most cards, and this one represents the best value in this particular test.

Next up, slickness or low-friction. So we do a simple tilt test using some little foam brand new foam blocks and we swap them around and repeat the test many times to make sure we’re getting consistent results. Quite simply, the leash lick was the Maguire’s high hybrid ceramic wax followed by TEKsystems moonlight, followed by Fuzhou, followed by the turtle wax ceramic coating, ceramic spray coating and the slickest product was, interestingly enough. The original sealant hydrophobic wax. I was expecting perhaps the new sio2 product to be slicker certainly feels silicon application.

All the PTFE base, which is known for having low slip low, friction qualities from foo. So I wouldn’t be now tell the difference with the back of my hand, but the tilt test suggests that this has got the lowest friction. So it’s there for the slickest product. Next up is gloss guards. We’Re using a very sophisticated bit of metering kit called the RO point.

I cubes that gorneo photometer. We are going to be using that bit of kit to measure 20 degree glass, a high gloss, something called r-spec, which is a peak gloss reading, which is sensitive to find the surface texture we’re going to take ten readings and use the averages of those ten readings To give us the average 20 degree, blossom average r-spec and then compare them in reverse order from start to finish for these products and the results are as follows. So in last place or the least glossy product, with an average 20 degree gloss reading of 8 e 3.7, the higher the better guys and an average aspect reading of 60 8.1 again, the higher the better.

The maximum aspect will be what the 20 degree gloss reading is. So that gives you an idea of the reading, so foo, so in next place was moonlight with an average 20 degree gloss reading of 89.3. So a bit of a jump up actually and an aspect average, our specs 78 0 in 3rd place very close with moonlight, was McGuire’s hybrid ceramic wax, with an average gloss reading of 88.4 and an average aspect reading of 79 9, which is a little bit of A jump up, that’s the mid wires, hybrid ceramic wax, so the second-best glossy product in this test was the turtle wax seal and shine with an average 20 degree gloss rating of 90 3 6, which is a good jump up and an average aspect of 70 8.

which was in line with the others, which is interesting and the winner with the most gloss in this test, was the turtle wax ceramic spray coating with an average 20 degree gloss reading on 94.5, which is fantastic and an average, our spec reading of 80 1.8, so both those readings were higher so that this product here typically had about an extra you know: 3, maybe 4 gloss units over the other products in the test, although only one more than the Turtle wax won so a very glossy product. Next up case, our grow point on cube gallo photometer. This uses light to shine off the surface and then what happens?

To that light, it’s able to take certain readings and determine certain surface characteristics and one of the surface can’t six akim’s turn its the haze. That’S on the surface, which is fantastic for us, because we want a nice low haze. Reading zero would indicate crystal clear, no haze. Ten would be the point where you could perhaps start seeing it with your eyes normal clear coat. Typically, I’ve seen one after you’ve polished it with perhaps have two to four units of haze.

You know so that gives you a rough idea. What to expect here is the order in terms of which one’s had the most days from to the winner, which would have the least so in last place with ten point. Four units of haze was soft. Ninety nine, through so coat in next place with 7.3 sorry 7 4 units of how you’ve got these the wrong way around is McGuire’s, hybrid ceramic wax after that with 7.

So very, very close is the tax systems moonlight after that with 6.9? Is the turtle wax ceramic spray coating and the product with the Li stays with 6.6 units of haze?

Was the turtle wax seal and shine? The next test is beading or hydrophobicity, or water repellency on application, so the products which give the extreme contact angles where the water has just been hurled off the panel very very rapidly. Some people like that. Some people – it’s not so important, but we’re gon na in this test anyway in last place – is the turtle wax sealant hydrophobic wax when you apply this you’ll see the repellency, it’s quite quick, but it’s known as a sheeter rather than the bead up, and it doesn’t Have that extreme contact, angle, beads and stuff like that of some of these other products, so it can last in this particular test after that is the turtle wax ceramic spray coating seems to have a little bit more speed of repellency. That’S the main way to compare it is to get an angle or look at the speed that the water shoots off from that’s how I like to do.

I look at the beads and the contact angles as well, but it’s mainly the speed, the faster it shoots off. The more water repellent is, and this is slightly more water repellant and this one this product, I would classes getting there getting close to being super hydrophobic. I mean it describes itself as super hydrophobic, but it is not the most hydrophobic one I’ve seen and it is up against some real beat monsters in this particular test in next place. Third, is the Maguire’s hybrid ceramic wax if you get the application right on this? This stuff is, is super hydrophobic, really really big juicy beads and you know a slightly faster water repellency action than these products, in my opinion, after that, with even more it’s getting hard to tell the difference now guys, but in my opinion, the tax systems on application Has slightly better beading and water repellent seen the Maguire’s not much in it with those two, the winner is soft 99 from SoCo.

When you use PTFE PTFE can give you contact angles of up to 115 degrees, and that’s that’s the angle of the baby. If you like, against the panel, that is the highest contact angles, you can get bar using super hydrophobic, fluorine materials, which you typically won’t find in these type of products, so they can be in some ceramics. They can also be in some super hydrophobic fabric sealants. But you won’t find fluorine that much in some of these products due to kind of health and safety reasons, really it’s a little bit kind of toxic, so so one the bead test, next up durability or durability, based on hitting them with round after round of detergents. Of Gerrits therapy decon shampoo, that’s kind of their to be grade them.

These products are absolute monsters in terms of kind of resisting detergents and that sort stuff, in fact resisting chemicals, full-stop, extremely durable products and in last place tax systems moonlight there wasn’t much in it. This was withstanding wave after wave, but I could just see it start to go quicker than the other products in next place for phoo so coat. I would have put this down before the test is being the one that would win the durability test, and it was doing great. It was just it kept going and going. It is unaffected by about sort of wave between way 15 and 20 Fuso started to fail, which is interesting.

It started to slow right down and where these other water-based ones kept going in next place, I’m going to declare a draw between McGuire’s, hybrid ceramic wax and Turtle Wax England shine or sealant hydrophobic wax this one sheets a little bit slowest. It’S not quite repellent as the Maguire’s products and application, but it just kept hold of that that sort of repellency it was just kept going and going and going my feet. I’Ve been outside for like hours, testing this my feet were soaking wet. I started leaving trying to leave the chemicals on there for longer and stuff like that’s where these products down they are just so all of them are just shown chemically resistant. It is absolutely ridiculous.

They offer you fantastic durability in these products, but the winner was the turtle wets ceramic spray coating, which I’ll show you at the end of all. This testing was the one that was still repelling liquid the fastest. Interestingly enough between one to eight hits when we got to that eight here, this one started slowing down. Normally, when one goes, then that’s the one, that’s gon na kind of come last, but it’s sort of it held on to what it was doing, and maybe you can come back a little bit, which was strange.

So this one was the one after about 25 hits with the garage therapy decon wash that was going the longest I’m gon na do another video, where I talk a lot longer about some of these tests and stuff like this after this one, because there’s some interesting Things going on with this durability test, but in summary, you have five durability, monsters here very impressive products actually for what they are so yeah.

That’S the durability test, next up ease of application. I’Ll just keep this simple in last place. I put Fuso coat because if you too much and you let it dry too long, it can be a bit difficult to buff off the panel can be bad, it’s also quite white and powdery. So you want to keep it away from kind of trim and if you use too much or buff too early or it’s hot, it can be a little bit smearing kind of ghosty. Some people were poor, but I actually find food so generally pretty straightforward to use.

It’S not a bad product, but there are just some little finer points there. In the same way, McGuire’s hybrid ceramic wax a very gloopy product. You know three thick kind of product for a sprays borderline. You can almost add this in a like a in a little bottle and squeeze it out. I find with the Maguire’s hybrid ceramic wax when I apply it by the contact method.

The initial coat method, it’s lovely, to work with it’s fine. I think you just have to be careful when you’re spraying it onto the panel and make sure you come back a little bit, missed it over there, rather than a big sort of footprint of it in one particular place, especially when there’s less water on your car. It’S hotter because, where you can see the product and you think, you’ve washed it off the footprint might be there afterwards. So it’s a little bit more of a risk with McGuire’s hybrid ceramic wax, but it’s not difficult to apply tax systems moonlight. This lightweight ceramic is a joy to apply it’s nice and oily.

It’S really translucent. It’S easy to buff it’s smooth as long as you’ve got the coverage. The problem with it is, if you do miss supply any you know, you leave a high spot. All your microfiber leaves a little imprint. It all set hard and you’ll have to polish it back off.

You know and then reapply it, which is a bit of a pain. It’S hard to do that, though, you also need to be careful with this stuff. I would suggest with any lightweight ceramic: you don’t spray it and atomized it. It comes with spray triggers all this little flip top bottle, mainly because this material, if it’s atomized and you’ve, got no face protection, you’re going to be breathing in small particles of this stuff, and it’s gon na be going your lungs and hardening. So I would suggest you use you know you apply onto a ceramic applicator or a cheap microfiber applicator, that’s new, throw that microfiber applicator away at the end, because this material will harden very easy to apply that, after that, the Turtle Wax ceramic spray coating.

I can feel it so you spray until panel, you spread it with one cloth, your wet cloth, if you like, I mean wet with water, I mean wet it’ll, get wet with product and use that wet cloth to spread, and then you use separate ones to buff. It dry, this is very easy to apply guys it’s just almost like a detail spray except you can feel a slight bit resistance with it. Whenever I feel that resistance with a spray sealant a water-based one, that’s a good sign in terms of durability and what will happen once you’ve once you’ve created the form, the film sorry with the wet cloth. You then take your dry cloth and just go over it lightly, you’re, not looking to buff it to a high shine or anything you’re, just looking to make sure it’s level and you haven’t, got any sort of excess materials or any wet part still, and then just Leave it, and what will happen is that will dry and the product will become slicker and more glossy as it dries they advise. It needs a full 24 hours before you should wash the car at all that which is probably not so much of a problem, but just be aware of that there is some sort of cure going on, so it didn’t win because of that slight resinous, isn’t perhaps The walk right word, but I can feel it’s a coelom rather than a silky con, a detail, spray the scene of hydrophobic wax.

However, it’s almost just like a detail spray to apply. I think they say you can apply it raw. You can apply it wet. I would suggest you apply it dry to get the most out of it with full prep and it’s just lovely to use it’s like using an old spray wax and it feels really nice to spread across the panel. Some people say that this is streaky and smeary.

Again, I find that if you just use one one towel to spread and form the film and another clean towel to dry back, never ever had a problem applying this. It’S so easy to use. Ok, the final results guys the winners and losers in last paste. Perhaps my favorite product in in this particular test with 19 points is tax systems moonlight. It just costs a bit more than the others, so that it got penalized there even the most incredibly durable.

It wasn’t as durable as these products, which is mad, considering with the exception of fou, so these are all right, water-based one’s incredible. The way these water-based products have have moved along on a sidenote. You would almost think these little products. These little spray products are just like detail sprays and you can spray them on every single wash well, it’s best to think of it is improper, durable sealants that if you, if you prep for you, will get serious durability beyond virtually any paste wax I’ve seen. You know even the mighty foo so in this test, although this is a testing chemical resistance rather than real, well durability, when I’m on the car, but just the durability is fantastic, so my favorite product has picked up the least amount of points which can often happen.

Also, with 19 points is the Maguire’s hybrid ceramic wax again. This is an underrated product that I’ve heard lots of people say I put it on my car and it lasted two weeks and that’s absolute nonsense for me. If you prepare this prop the car properly and you get a good bond with your initial application, this will last you’re a hell of a long time. I reckon it will do six months, maybe definitely three to six months in real world kind of kind of terms. Every time I’ve spoken to someone that’s had problems with it.

Their prep is usually consisting of washing the car with like a washer and wax, or something like that. Sorry guys, if you’re the person, I’m speaking about drying the car off and then spraying it on and wonder, wondering why it’s not bonded and quite often people skip the contact application because they don’t realize they just see it says spraying rinse on on the label spray. It on and rinse it off as their only application and it’s not able to bond for whatever reason and then when they go to wash it next week, they wash it with a wash and wax and bury it. And so sometimes people just assess durability completely wrong of products. This is a very durable product, got a lot going for it decent price, nice and sexy.

It’s always done Welling in kind of tests. Next up the monster that is soft, 99 foo, so the old one you might still be able to get this product from nipple and shine at the time of shooting this video. It’S going unavailable, though, it’s being outdated with a new version, which I don’t think is quite as potent and I’m using this primarily as the yardstick, but if you’re interested in this product head over to new punch, if it’s still available, let’s see if you can get Either dark or light version, it doesn’t matter, it’s a beast and it lasts a long time and it’s very popular that picked up 21 points in second place. Picking up twenty six point: five is the the new turtle wax ceramic spray coating has a lot going for it guys it won the durability test. It won the gloss test.

It comes second in the haze test. It’S easy to apply. You know it the one test that it did really bad in was the value for money. I think it was the most second to most expensive product in in the test, which is unusual for Turtle Wax realistically its price that pretty much the same price as other silica sprays. You know like your car pro reloads, yugioh and cures and all that sort of stuff, whereas we’ve come to expect turtle wax to give you the products, a lot cheaper, which may or may not be a good thing either way, it’s picked up.

The second most amount of points you should definitely check out turtle, wax spray coating and we’re gon na be looking at a lot of the other hybrid solutions products and how this can combo with some of those other products, as well as cop stuff, the winner. Picking up 28 points, it was able to pick its big brother because of the fact it’s one of the most cheapest value for money. So it didn’t lose points there. It was the second glossiest. It was also the most slickest jung-hee test that it did really bad on was that it wasn’t a bead monster like some of these others, so it lost some points there, but its main rival, the turtle wax ceramic spray came second to last in that beading test.

As well so this one lost points there. So ultimately it’s one because it offers you a hell of a lot of value, a pot as well as offering you value guys. It’S glossy it’s nice to work with, in my opinion, and it’s ridiculously durable. It’S known for being durable, it’s not quite as durable as a ceramic spray coating in the tests. I’Ve done Turtle Wax said that this sealant hydrophobic wax maybe slightly more durable than the hybrid ceramic coating.

I’Ve seen a couple of tests that some other guys have done, and this one was slightly more durable than this one, which is interesting the other way around for me. But it was very, very close. We’Re not all doing the exact same testing and I’m not sure if this product is identical to the seal and shine so there you go, but that is it for this one guys got loads, more product reviews coming we’re gon na be testing this new hybrid solution. Ceramic spray coating are lots of other market leading sio2 sprays like mother’s and Adams and some other ones to see how it can cope and stand up with products that are the same format. These are all kind of different formats, so we’re going to test it against products which have a same format.

I’Ve got a feeling. It’S going to be tough, to beat this product on durability, which is what Turtle Wax seem to be making a name for themselves. With these new products, they’re very, very durable one thing, let me know what you think about this guys. Let me know if there’s any little gems of the product that you use, which offer you lots of durability that are easy to apply and quite kind of good value for money. That’S the kind of running theme that we’ve got going through here, don’t forget!

If you’ve not already subscribed to the forensics detailing channel, you can hit the subscribe email and the bail notification to get a notification of new articles guys. We also have a patreon page where, if you really like this content, you’re following the recommendations – and you get some value out of the channel, you can support the channel on patreon I’ll, put a link in description for as little as one dollar a month. Thank you very much for watching guys take care. This was the short version of this test. I shall also publish a long version that will probably go on for at least 30 to 40 minutes, where we cover some really interesting points, but I just want to do a very quick one, which is a bit more YouTube friendly.

So, thanks for reading see you soon bye for now,  holdin on what I knew, but the moments gone it was.

ceramicwizards is my life, my passion, and my therapy. Painting, drawing, and creating is what I live for. Sharing my work and creative journey with the world. Let’s inspire each other!

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