Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic Liquid Wax VS Chemical Guys HydroSlick !!!

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Hey, what’s up guys welcome to another article today, because I’m comparing two hot new products for 2020. You guys have requested this heavily in the comment sections of my articles, so in the blue corner we have the new chemical, guys, hydro slick. So this is a hybrid ceramic, liquid wax and in the yellow corner we have the brand new McGuire’s hybrid ceramic liquid, wax. So both of these guys are in 16-ounce bottles, they’re, both a liquid form. They have ceramic technology infused, so we’re gon na compare both of them on a test vehicle, so we’re gon na see how they react, how easy or not they are to apply.

Of course, you’re gon na see them in action as we’re gon na apply them together by following the instructions on the labels as well. We’Re going to be looking for stuff like a gloss, so does it enhance the paintwork? These are to paint protectants, so we’re also gon na see after we let them cure for 24 hours how they perform in a chemical resistance test. We’Re gon na talk about slickness and, of course, we’re gon na compare the value so talk about the price. It’S gon na be a jam-packed episode.

You don’t want to miss this so without further ado, stay tuned. Let’S go ahead and start the show. So hey guys, I’m pan welcome to the show. I hope you guys are having a great day. So, let’s dig right into it today: we’re doing a vs.

the Chemical Guys, hydro, slick ceramic liquid, wax in blue corner and the Maguire’s hybrid ceramic liquid wax in the yellow corner. So we split this hood in half. I’M gon na show you what we did to prep for this first, because we’re going to be applying them and you’re going to see well the application method, I’m gon na make it easy for you guys. As usual. Don’T worry I’ll include the links to the products in the description under the article, for you guys to check them out, so just sit back, relax and enjoy the show and also while you’re there.

If you want to continue to learn more about car detailing. So all the products, equipment, tips, tricks and techniques make sure you hit the subscribe button. That’S found under this article and that way you’ll subscribe to my channel and never miss my future articles. So before we go ahead and start talking about the application, let’s first see what I had done about a year ago, a very popular article, so before the liquid version of the hybrid ceramic wax from McGuire’s was released in 2019. What they had was the Maguire’s hybrid ceramic wax, but in spray form, so this blue bottle.

I reviewed on my channel. It was very popular by the way over 1.3 million views, as of today were in late May 2020. So this is kind of the updated version of this. I don’t know why McGuire’s went to a liquid form this time, because this is gon na be a bit longer to apply, obviously, but at least we’re we’re, comparing apples to apples.

If we first stop start talking about the price guys so, depending of course in which country you are as of right now end of May 2020, the Maguire’s liquid, hybrid ceramic wax is roughly 15 to 16 US dollars and the Chemical Guys ceramic hydraulic this one here Is roughly 40 US dollars, so this is more than double the price and we’ll see if it’s double the performance here in Canada. I paid for these bottles by the way. This is not a sponsored article this one here I ordered from Amazon, Canada. It came up to roughly 37 Canadian dollars, taxes included and the chemical guys hydraulic. I bought in a big-box store locally, and this was sixty two Canadian dollars taxes included so again, a huge price difference, so the Maguire’s is cheaper and the Chemical Guys is more expensive.

Let’S go ahead and talk about the application, so, first of all, it’s pretty simple. If you guys come a bit closer before you work with any chemicals, as I always recommend we’re a minimum of protective gear. In this case, I’m gon na wear my black nitrile gloves and so for preparation. Both of these bottles give you instructions, which I always highly recommend that you follow, but they’re pretty basic, and what I’m doing today, following your comments in the comments section, is you want me to do this as faithfully as possible as the average Joe or the weekend Warrior who actually buys these products? These are not professional grade products, so you want the application that goes with it, which means today we went ahead and we fully prepped the vehicle by washing the paintwork.

So I used Adams strip wash because that’s a soap. That’S gon na help to break down older waxes and paint sealants that might be on the car and then the Maguire’s doesn’t call for any clay bar, but the chemical guys recommended at least a light clay. So I went ahead and clay did the entire hood went ahead and rinsed it all off and we did not polish the paint, because in this case it’s in fairly good condition. We want to preserve the paintwork, and since these are not pro grade products. Well, the majority of the people who do not have polishers will not spend hours polishing their paintwork to just apply these inexpensive liquid format products if you’re to go.

To that extent, I’d recommend other, more highly, durable and, of course, higher performance products such as ceramic coatings or silica spray sealants, which I do a lot of articles. For so that’s it. We essentially wash the vehicle we clean it. We rinsed, we dried the paint, and now they are fully fully ready to go and, as you could tell, hopefully in the footage, there is absolutely no protection left on this vehicle. I’M lucky enough to have this vehicle back for a service after a year, since we did the last product application, which was a product that lasts, let’s say six to nine months, so it’s been overdue for roughly three months now, it’s fully stripped the water is very Slow to sheet off the paintwork, and that’s because there’s no more protection left on the hood.

So if we look at the instructions, we’re gon na first start on the right-hand side of the hood, with the Maguire’s hybrid ceramic, wax by the way have a close-up of the label, because I know you guys like to see that. So this is the the label, and this is the back part with the instructions. The instructions are pretty simple. You dab a few blobs and this is a brand new bottle. So I’m getting to discover these products with you guys, like anything, shake your bottles.

Well, any chemical! You want to fully shake so we’re gon na. Take a microfiber applicator pad we’re going to apply a few blobs, so a little goes a long way. What I do is I like to butterfly it, so I squeeze this on there and in a crosshatch pattern, meaning up and down and left to right to ensure proper coverage we’re going to apply the Maguire’s. I can smell this product.

It smells pretty good. They always do a great job it has that same. I call that the chemical blue, berry smell so the same thing as the previous year’s blue bottle, so the Maguire’s hybrid ceramic wax in spray form, and so they recommend to let the product on the surface. For roughly three to five minutes, so that’s what we’re going to do before buffing off. So if we can tell, I don’t see much hazing and that’s what they say on the label as well.

You’Re, not gon na see this haze as a traditional wax. So you’re not gon na have that chalky white residue. It’S almost as if there’s nothing on the hood right now, so it feels as if well it disappeared already and now, let’s move over to the Chemical Guys hydraulic side so again we’re going to remove the label. I’M getting to discover these products at the same time as you guys so. First impressions kind of thing again we’re going to shake the bottle to make sure we evenly distribute the chemical.

They call again for a microfiber applicator pad a few blobs on there. This one is a bit different, it’s less liquidy and more of like a they call this a gel suspension. So if you want to have a look closely guys, you’re gon na see as I wiggle it on there, hopefully you can tell on camera. You see how it wiggles it’s more like a gel, so again we’re going to butterfly this make sure we apply roughly the same quantity in both sides and we’re gon na start spreading this on the hood again in a crosshatch pattern, meaning up and down and left To right, so I’m lucky enough to work in a controlled environment. So always I always recommend that you guys work on a cool surface for both products.

That’S very important, so never in direct sunlight, not on hot panels. If you don’t have a garage wait until the end of the day or very early on in the day, when there’s some shade and the hot, the Sun is not at its maximum and for the chemical guys, the label says they recommend to let the product on A surface for roughly 30 seconds minimum but up to two minutes is what they recommend. So we’re gon na wait roughly that time, one to two minutes before we buff off and we’re gon na see just how easy or how complicated the buffing of each product is. Alright guys so it’s been roughly a minute and a half to two minutes for the Chemical Guys product, so we’re gon na use a clean and dry microfiber towel very important. I try to use edgeless towels that way: you’re not gon na scratch, the paint and so removal is actually quite simple.

I saw a few articles where people were struggling – maybe that was maybe on older, oxidized and faded paint. But in this case, because we also played the surface smooth, so we didn’t even have to do a paint polishing in this case and yeah. The removal and buffing is pretty nice flip to another clean and dry side and give a final wipe. So that was quite simple and it seems to be fully removed, very slick to the touch. We’Re gon na.

Do a slickness test in just a few moments to see which one is slicker and now for the Maguire’s. So this one here there was a little longer so I’d say we’re probably at the three to four minutes. Right now they say three to five minutes, so we go ahead. This was already pretty much disappeared when we had first applied it. So removal is actually super easy.

So it’s a bit easier than the chemical guys, but at least on this panel from a real-world test vehicle. I know you guys like this by the way you like the effort that I put in this is not just on a test panel right on the hood. That’S OnStar sort of a stand. This is on every day, daily, driven vehicle that I like to do the test and also this allows me to follow the vehicles, as I apply products on them over time to have a long-term durability feedback, so wipe off and buffing. Very very simple: in both cases.

So now what we’re going to do is the slickness test, so we’re going to take the dry side, let’s put them here and we’re gon na lift the hood and we’re gon na see which one slides easier. So let’s put these here so it seems as if the Maguire’s slid first, let’s redo this, and now it was the chemical guys so well, maybe they’re both identical. Let’S change the position of them, because both surfaces feel pretty equal as far as slickness goes. There shouldn’t be that many differences for slickness. I mean these are competitive products and now, both of them roughly at the same time.

So it’s pretty much a draw now. If we come here and have a look add the finish: let’s compare the gloss levels, okay, guys. So let’s have a visual look at the gloss levels to me they seem pretty much similar. I mean I have been detailing cars for over 23 years now, so things jump out to me when they’re actually glossy, but you let me know in the comments section under the article, if you see any difference in gloss visually, at least on camera. So, on this side, the Maguire’s hybrid ceramic, liquid, wax and on this side the Chemical Guys, hydro slick so for me again, they’re both pretty much the same and having spoken to a few of my youtuber colleagues.

So, whether we’re talking about Brian from apex or John from forensic detailing or a Kyle from wax mode, those guys have measurement tools, so the gloss meters to measure actual gloss readings for these products and from what I understand, they’re, pretty much identical. It’S nothing revolutionary. So these are not like the glossiest products, but they will give you a nice bump in gloss when you’re detailing your vehicle, so these are mainly paint protection items that will increase. The look, of course, add the well more depth to the to the paintwork and give it that nice shiny effect that we all like we’re gon na. Let the two products fully cure for 24 hours.

So, even though the Maguire’s has absolutely no curing time indicated in the back, the chemical guys and two to three hours of curing time before exposing the vehicle to the elements, and they say that the slickness level, I think here in the back, will continue. Yeah, the hydrophobic effects will continue to improve even more after 12 hours of being applied. So that’s pretty much all they mentioned so we’re gon na. Let the vehicles of the car cure for 24 hours we’ll be back tomorrow. Okay, guys so we’re the following day.

It’S been over 24 hours and we’re gon na go ahead and do an initial hydrophobic water test to see the hydrophobic nature, so the water beating and the water sheeting on both sides. But one slight note: after these 24 hours, I think there is now a slight advantage of slickness on the chemical guys hydraulic side, so just a touch slicker and smoother to the touch compared to the McGuire side. But that being said, they’re still, both very slick. So let’s do a water test and see how both products performing so again on the left-hand side of the hood. We have the Chemical Guys hydraulic and on the right-hand side we have the Maguire’s hybrid ceramic, liquid, wax, so very good water beating on both sides.

Pretty good sheeting as well: let’s do this one more time so come in closer and let’s have a look, so the beads are not as round or as tight as you’d see with other products such as true ceramic coatings or a higher efficiency in hydrophobic type properties. From other ceramic spray sealants, but it’s still pretty good, as you can see on both sides, they seem pretty much identical so decent water, beading, decent water, sheeting, nothing out of this world, but at least it’s a visual indicator of the protection that you have now. Let’S try the surface because we’re going to move on to chemical resistance tests, so we’re going to use an ion remover and then we’re also going to use an all-purpose, cleaner and see their resistance to chemicals. Now, personally, I would never subject my vehicles to those kinds of tests so, of course take the results with a grain of salt, but I know you guys love to see what kind of chemical resistance they do offer. So, let’s blow the hood off and also see how quickly the vehicle can be dried now, because adding protection makes washing and drying your car a lot easier.

Alright! So for this first test, I’m going to be using an iron remover, so these products are made to remove iron particles from the paintwork, so anything like brick, dust and industrial fallout. So one two, three, four, five, six, seven one, two, three, four: five: six: seven! Let’S work the product in and let’s go ahead and rinse off and then we’re gon na make sure there’s no residue left by cleaning whatever is on the paintwork. So initial thoughts, the chemical guys side sees – seems to have a better resistance to the iron remover compared to the Maguire’s side.

That seemed to take quite a hit, but we’re gon na clean the residue off. So this is a bit of water with onr to clean the surface, make sure there’s no residue left from the chemicals and then we’re going to rinse again. Ok, so I think it’s pretty clear chemical guys on this side, although it did take a slight hit. It’S still pretty much present on the mcguire side. Well, the protection seems to be pretty much gone by now.

He water is just pooling up and very slow to sheet off and there’s almost no beating left. So let’s go ahead and do the second step we’re gon na dry, the surface first, alright for the second chemical resistance test. We’Re gon na be using super clean, diluted, 3 & 1, and this is a all-purpose, cleaner, degreaser, so we’re gon na spray it. On the surface 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 1, 2. 3.

4, 5, 6. 7. We’Re gon na work it in with a microfiber towel. Alright, that seems to pretty much have killed both sides, but we’re going to clean off the residue once again and if you notice, I’m always flipping the towels or the mitts to a fresh side. That way, we avoid cross-contamination on each side we’re gon na rinse.

Once more, okay, I think it’s pretty obvious to see that both sides are essentially dead right now, after the all-purpose, cleaner and degreaser there’s some spots where the Chemical Guys side still resisted a bit, but the Maguire’s side is pretty much essentially all gone, and so, as I said take these results with a grain of salt, because these are only chemical resistance tests. They don’t necessarily represent a real-world conditions, because I would never submit my own vehicles to this kind of a chemical onslaught. But again it gives you just an idea, and it comes back to what I was saying before, as these products are more for the enthusiast who just wants and easy to apply protection. But if you’re looking for something super, durable, look elsewhere. In my opinion, something like ceramic coatings or silica spray sealants with maybe well better performance, because there are some that will last over six months up to a year in spray format.

My guess, although none of these two products or the chemical guys or the Maguire’s talked about durability, so we have no clue. If I had to guess, I would say anywhere from three to six months, is what I’m expecting, but again I’ll, follow up in the coming months, as we see these vehicles on the road and as we get to test these products, okay guys. So it’s now time to pick a winner, but let’s go over the advantages of each before I go ahead and determine who won this battle. So, on the blue side, the Chemical Guys, hydro slick, it gave a slight advantage for slickness after the curing time of 24 hours, and also it had better chemical resistance on the Maguire’s hybrid ceramic liquid, wax side. The advantages are that it’s a lower in price, much lower in price, actually a slight very slight advantage in gloss visually, not as apparent.

But if you do measurements, you’re gon na see a bump in gloss units with the Maguire’s, and it was also easier to apply and to remove lightly easier to apply and to remove so both of them had their advantages and well. They led in some categories over the other, but which one would I pick well. It all boils down, of course, to your personal choice. But personally, if I had to make a pick, I would go for the Maguire’s hybrid ceramic liquid wax based on value. It is so inexpensive and easy to apply.

You can go wrong, I mean, for the rest, these I’m sure will pretty much give the same durability in the coming months, but again I’ll make sure to give you guys updates as time goes by, but for the application. This was a breeze, I mean the product smells good. If that’s important to you guys, you have the entire McGuire’s ecosystem. That is pretty pretty good. I’Ve reviewed a few of their products in the past, and this is always good in the beginner level or the enthusiast or weekend warrior levels.

None of these, according to me, are made for professional use, so I don’t think any pro Detailers will be using these on customers cars. But again, if you want to add a bit of protection on your vehicle, some easy to do stuff. Well, I guess you can go wrong with either or what I want to know is your thoughts and opinions if you’ve used these products. Let me know in the comment section under the article which one you guys preferred or which one you guys prefer right now after watching this article next question is: how do you maintain these, so each one of these companies also have maintenance sprays. So I know the chemical guys have their.

I don’t know the name exactly, but they do have a maintenance spray for the product and on the chemical on the Maguire’s side they have the hybrid ceramic detailer. Now this is a star in that lineup. I think, because not only is it easy to apply, but it gives decent protection and the little goes along weight. I’Ve already used a bit and you’re not using much on a vehicle. This one here is 768 milliliters in size.

I don’t know how many ounces that is, but anyhow so, when you’re done washing your vehicle. Of course, you’ve applied this a few weeks prior or every time you wash your car. If you want to use this as a quick detailer to boost the gloss and, of course, the hydrophobic properties, and to maintain that protection – and this is in an easy to apply spray format, it also gives great lubrication on the paint and some even use this. As a clay, lube with a clay bar and McGuire’s also has a kit for that. So that’s one way that you can maintain it by the way, guys any products that I used today, including some of the tools I’ll make sure to include the links in the description under the article, for you guys to check them out.

I remind you that this was not a sponsored article. I purchased these products on my own and so yeah. Do you guys mind that big price difference with the Chemical Guys hydraulic did you guys prefer the cheaper price, the slightly better gloss and ease of application of the Maguire’s, or did you prefer that the hydraulic had slightly better chemical resistance and a bit better slickness? Basically, let me know your thoughts and opinions again in the comment section. I try to answer your questions on youtube every single day, by the way, if you haven’t done so yet make sure that you click the subscribe button.

That’S found under this article and that way, you’ll subscribe to my channel and never miss my future articles and to continue to learn more about car detailing, so all the products, the equipment, the tips, tricks and techniques. If you guys want to encourage me check out my merch my t-shirts, my hoodies, my long-sleeve shirts, different logos, colors, and I also have a new line of shirts for women as well. So I’ll leave the link in the description under the article again, if you guys want to encourage this channel, it means a lot to me, and so, if you liked this article, let me know if you want to see more like this smash the thumbs up button And also do you want to see these guys go up against any other of their competition? Let me know which ones in the comments so guys thanks for being there thanks for watching and in the meantime, don’t forget, keep it tight. Keep it clean and I’ll see you on the next one.

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