Turtle Wax Brand Review – All The Hybrid Solutions Detailing Products!

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Today is the ultimate brand review for the entire hybrid solutions line of products from turtle wax. So i’m gon na tell you what they are, what they do, how to use them, give you tips and tricks on their application and just a quick reminder, if you guys don’t know yet, the hybrid solutions line is the top of the range lineup of car detailing Products from turtle wax so their entry level stuff is those green bottles. Then you move up to the ice line, that’s mid-tier and, of course, at the top of the mountain range. You have these hybrid solutions. Of course, they’re known for their value right over at turtle.

Wax – and this is no exception, so the hybrid solutions line was initially unveiled in the fall of 2019 in a fantastic event in arizona in the united states and a lot of us detailing community youtubers were present at the event and they had started with a few Products and they had promised that they would continue innovation through the months and years to come, and here we are today with a plethora of products both for the interior and exterior for cleaning for protecting and, of course, for maintenance. So i’m gon na go through all of them, like, i said, quick disclaimer by the way, this is not a sponsored article. Nobody paid for this article uh, just turtle wax sent me these products for free, of course, for my previous review articles that i did on the channel. So i just thought i’d, let you know so, of course, this is gon na, be a jam, packed article stay tuned all the way till the end, because you’re gon na learn how to use all of these products so without further ado, stay tuned. Let’S go ahead and start the show, so hey guys, i’m pan welcome to the show.

I hope you guys are having a great day so we’re gon na dig right into it. Let’S do it right now, oh by the way uh for your info, of course, as usual i’ll make sure to include the links to all of these products in the description under the article, for you guys to check them out. So all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the show. So, let’s start we’re going to move on from all the washing chemicals to the paint polishes, there’s a bunch of different ones, we’re going to talk about their offerings for paint protection and we’re going to finish with maintenance. So we’re going to talk about products for the interior and exterior, so the first one i’m talking about today is this one here.

This is their hybrid solutions, pro slick and slide pure wash. So what is this? Well, as the name states, this is a shampoo. Why is it pure? This is one of these products by the way that turtle wax really listened to.

You guys, my viewers, because, if you’ve been watching my articles in the past you’ll notice that turtle wax is very in tune with audiences worldwide and especially the pan. The organizer audience right we’re one of the biggest car detailing channels on youtube and your guys’s voice has a lot of impact, so they were reading through the comments and they were noticing that. Well, my viewers wanted a lot of products that they didn’t have in their range and one of them was a pure shampoo, so no additives inside there uh no protection, just a pure shampoo. So this one here has their slick and slide technology, basically some polymers to help your wash mitts, your microfiber wash mitts glide better on the surface for less chances of washing induced swirls or scratches when you’re washing the vehicle when you’re hand washing – and it also you Can put this in your two bucket wash method or in your bucket, regardless how many buckets you’re using for the hand wash? You can also use this in your foam cannon and it can also double as a clay lubricant, so three different types of uses out of this.

This is a big format. It smells absolutely amazing but of course, the key thing other than the nice suds. That produce is the lubrication aspect, so tons of lubrication and, of course, don’t just take my word, for it guys go on youtube and watch other channels as well. After this article is done and see what people have to say about the hybrid solutions line. So you can always get a bunch of other opinions too.

So, of course, like any car detailing products out there try to avoid working in direct sunlight if you want the best user experience, so always work in the shade or in a garage on a cool surface. So if you have no other choice but to work outside again pick a shaded spot or work as late as possible in the day or as early as possible in the day now. That being said, the cool thing about the hybrid solutions line is when we were in arizona in the fall of 2019 uh. We were actually doing the demos outside in the baking sun. I mean in arizona, there’s temperatures that can reach over 100 degrees fahrenheit.

So it gets pretty hot very quickly and of course, the panels are very hot and pretty much everything that we tested back then was still able to be used outside in the direct sun, including some of their protectants. So i think that was pretty cool. So it’s not at the end of the world, but again, if you want the best user experience work in the shade or in a garage, hybrid solutions, this is their hyper foam wheel, cleaner, entire prep. Now this is an alkaline or higher ph wheel and tire cleaner. So, of course, as the name states it does both you can clean your tires and clean your wheels.

I like that, because you don’t have to break out a separate wheel, cleaner and then a separate tire cleaner or a degreaser that kind of thing. So this one here has a high foaming action. It’S going to help to pull all that browning off of your tires because over time, there’s a lot of components in the rubber that makes its way to the surface like ozonites and they tend to oxidize with the contact of water and rain, and all that kind Of stuff – and they give you that browning there’s a lot of dirt and grime that you got to pull off, especially to remove any previous tire dressing. If you want your tire dressing to bond properly to rubber, you got to prep the rubber. So, if you’re, applying also a longer lasting tire dressing or a tire coating, for example, key is the prep of your tire.

So this is one of these products that will help you prep those tires properly. So it’s going to give you a lot of benefits as well, and it’s going to help to pull all that grease and grime as well. There’S a corrosion repellent polymer inside there too, to help prevent any corrosion on your wheels in the future, and i mean it just does a fast job and you’re gon na see it has a foaming type trigger so when you’re spraying it on uh, you’re gon na See that foaming action use a stiff, bristle brush to clean your tire, sidewalls and the wheels use whatever brushes. You have get inside those barrels, but you’re going to have a lot of cleaning power from this product now another cleaner that they have more specifically to remove. If you have a lot of caked on brake dust, so those iron deposits or ferrous materials on your wheels from all that brake pad dust right or industrial fallout, you can use this one here.

So this is their hybrid solutions. Pro rapid decon wheel, cleaner and iron remover, so the cool thing about this one: it has the iron removing technology built in. So this is not a tire cleaner, though this is just for the wheels so you’re going to spray this on you’re going to let it dwell you’re going to see how fast acting this is by the way it has that color changing technology right. So it changes to this red or purple tint when it reacts with the ferrous particles, meaning that there’s that chemical reaction that’s happening and when the dwell time is over you’re spraying or rinsing the wheel off with water, and that’s it you’re good to go. So that’s one way to have a proper decon on your wheels.

Another cool thing you can use this on your paintwork too. So if you have those brake dust, particles or iron contamination on your paintwork or clear, coat use this on your paint as well. To get rid of that, you can see those those orange specks right. Those rust spots on the paintwork that comes from the ferrous material from your brake dust, especially industrial fallout, rail dust, all that kind of stuff those hot ferrous particles, get embedded into the clear coat they oxidize they rust and you see those disgusting little rust specks. So this is perfect to remove that, so you spray on again very fast acting.

This is one of quicker acting ones and another thing of note: if you’ve used iron removers in the past, you know that they usually smell like rotten eggs because of the tga, so thio glycolic acid. That’S in there one of the active components that reacts with the ferrous particles or iron particles and that just smells like yeah rotten eggs. This is one of those that doesn’t smell as bad as the others. So, if that’s of concern to you, this is a very good one. Again, it’s fast acting, then we move on so when you’re done, of course, cleaning your vehicle, you cleaned your wheels and tires all that kind of stuff.

The one of the last finishing touches i like to apply on the vehicle is a tire dressing, so this one here is a very good one, but it has a few tricks up its sleeves right, so graphene acrylic tire shine spray coating. Why is this called a coating because it’s a bit longer lasting compared to traditional tire dressings, but not in the way that you think so? First of all, when you apply this, it gives you kind of a satin appearance, so not overly glossy, so not that very oily, too wet looking type of thing that splatters all over your vehicle, but not matte either. So, just that perfect blend of shine that usually we all like you, can layer this too. If you want a bit more gloss, but the good thing about this is through the technology that’s built in while it is, you can wash the the tires just using regular shampoo and it cleans off very easily because it has self-cleaning properties.

So the dirt and grime sticks a lot less to it, so it makes it washable and also it lasts over time, because it is it’ll last many weeks, perhaps up to a month or more, of course, always depending on your condition. Conditions where you live in maintenance and that kind of stuff but yeah the blackening effect. So that’s where you get the acrylic and graphene technology, so that blackening effect on your tires is going to stay a lot longer. So they’re going to become brown less quickly or they’re going to become dirty less quickly. So, of course, don’t forget that initial gloss that you’re getting it’s going to last about a week or until your next wash so when you’re going to clean your tires, you’re gon na see that initial gloss being knocked down a bit.

So just one thing of note, however, that doesn’t mean that the product is not there. You’Re gon na see that that blackening effect is still there, so the instructions say to spray on the tire and then to spread and to let it dwell. What i prefer, though, in further testing that i’ve done afterwards is just use a um, either a foam applicator for your tire dressing or a microfiber towel or a sponge. Whatever you guys like, i just prefer to apply it on an applicator and then on the tire. Afterwards, compared to what the instructions say, because i always tell my viewers of course start off by reading the instructions use them as intended and then think outside the box, or do some off label use once you’ve tested it correctly, the first time so this one here Lasts a long time for the darkening or blackening effect on your tires.

Next, we move on to a range of polishes that they have in their lineup and this one here the hybrid solutions, pro precision platelet one and done compound. So what is this exactly? It is a complicated name right, but in reality it’s super simple. It is a pure polishing compound. So why do we say and a polish and a compound, because, depending on the level of aggression of the pad that you’re using you can switch up or down the aggression, level or the cutting capability of the product?

That’S why it’s so versatile and that’s why they call it one and done because you have one product and you’re done so typically, if you have deep scratches and swirl marks, you’re gon na start with a compound stage right with the bigger abrasives and then you’re going To move down to the polish stage to remove the compound marks and refine the surface, add clarity and gloss, but this is a two in one. So basically you can adjust the cut level of this depending on what pad you’re using. So if you’re, using a denser, tougher, more aggressive, foam pad or a microfiber cutting pad or a wool pad you’re going to get the compound effect, if you want to finish down using a finishing pad or a polishing pad you’re going to get the polishing effect. So yeah this product just works super well it glides easily. On the surface, it removes very nicely little to no dusting as well, so fantastic it doesn’t leave any protection behind.

So this is just a pure polishing compound now for those who want a kind of two-in-one to do the polishing stage and add a bit of protection or primer use as well for future protection. They have this one here, so this is their hybrid solutions. Ceramic polishing wax so there’s wax polymers and ceramic technology built in to this polish. So again you can control the aggression level depending on what tab, what type of pad you’re using, but when you’re done using this, it lays down a layer of protection. So when you’re done using this wait, 24 hours of curing time before applying any topper in their range.

So that is crucial right that you read these instructions here, of course, always work in small two by two sections. Until you get enough experience of working with this product, but it’s gon na enhance the gloss as well and leave down a bit of protection. This is not a crazy amount of protection, you’re, maybe getting three to four weeks, but it’s still a foundation layer for the protection that we’re going to talk about a bit later. So you can polish and protect in a one step like this. So this is a one step polish and it gives you fantastic gloss too, and this we also demoed in the blazing sun in arizona with the chemist.

I salute mike chemist from the the company that was there and his whole team uh as well. So there was fred, there was rod the entire turtle wax team. There are such passionate people about detailing. It was fantastic, so another one another product that they came out. So if you have black colored paint – or they also say you can use this on any dark.

Colors, like dark, blues or charcoal things of that nature, but specifically it was designed for black paint. This is their ceramic acrylic black polish. Now why this one in particular this is also an all-in-one. So it’s going to lay down a bit of protection as well once you’re done polishing, but it’s made with a bit of fillers, so you have a bit of carnauba filling technology in there with some waxes and some acrylic polymers. That will lightly hide those scratches and swirls and perfect.

The finish a bit so see this like a glaze before you’re, applying a wax right, so you’re gon na have a bit of filling capabilities, and basically, why well for dark colored paints, especially black colored paints. We all know how beautiful they look when they’re polished and protected, but it goes downhill very quickly, right, you’re, going to see all the fine scratches and swirls and it seems you’re just blowing air on the vehicle and you’re, seeing all those scratches on the surface right. So this one here is really going to help perfect the finish in an easy to use polish once again, so for this one too, when you’re done using it wait 24 hours before you apply any topper or before you wash the vehicle too. So that is crucial. You got to let the product cure so yeah.

It has those not only enhancing capability and correction capability, but those fillers inside there that help mask any defects. So you’re done preparing decontaminating, washing and correcting the paint. Now we move on to the protection stage right. So one of my favorite protectants in the turtle wax range, and i did a article where i was famously quoted in saying gloss, gloss, gloss and more gloss. So it’s the ceramic spray coating in the hybrid solutions line.

So this one here is in spray form and as the name states, it’s basically a ceramic coating in spray form. This will give you in my real world conditions in my testing anywhere from eight to nine months, but we have some pretty harsh weather here in montreal. Canada, so that’s still very good if you apply two layers of this 24 hours apart, so first layer wait. 24 hours then apply the second layer when you’re done applying this by the way don’t wash the car for at least 24 hours. It needs time to cure.

Now you can drive off in the elements after the application, just don’t wash the vehicle. That is the portion of the curing time that you need um, so yeah two coats an hour between coats and you’re, going to get upwards of eight to nine months. Some people in the warmer climates you guys reported that you’re getting 10 11 12 months, so it can go up to 12 months. It has great chemical resistance, you’re going to get crazy gloss, you’re, getting that slickness you’re getting hydrophobic properties you’re getting the self-cleaning properties, meaning the vehicle is very easy to clean during your maintenance. Washes so see this as a ceramic coating, light right, traditional ceramic coatings and glass bottles uh take more experience to apply.

They need more time to apply. They cost a lot more and yes, they’re going to last for many years. However, the application is a bit more tedious, so this here spray on buff off and that’s pretty much it so the application is simple and, of course, the cost it is very inexpensive. So this is a fantastic one that you can apply when you’re done with these polishes, especially if you’re, using something like the ceramic, polish and wax. If you wait 24 hours, then you can start applying your ceramic spray coating.

Now, a companion to this one here, which was the ceramic uh acrylic, black polish, for black colored paints or dark blues or charcoals or any dark colored paint – is this one here? So this is the protection. This is the ceramic acrylic black wax in spray form. With this, one you’re getting up to six months of durability, expect usually four to five six months, depending again on conditions maintenance, all that kind of stuff, it’s very hard to predict how long products are going to last for you, regardless of what brands say as far As claim durability, don’t forget they test those in a lab environment, so in a controlled environment. So that’s in optimal conditions.

Things will vary. Obviously, for all the reasons stated in your conditions, depending on your application. How well you prep the paintwork, how you maintain it and all that kind of stuff? So the more you stay on top of things, the higher chances you’re getting of reaching the max durability. So this one here, four to six months, it’s in spray form and it has that filling capabilities as well.

So it’s going to um uh when you’re spraying this on by the way you’re going to see a light, haze or you’re going to wait for it to haze a bit like a paste wax and then you buff off and it’s as simple as that. So spray on wait for it to haze a bit, then buff off wait 24 hours before you wash the vehicle with this. This is also crucial and you’re, getting all that protection from a spray product you’re getting that sio2 and acrylic technology. But once again, this one here too, why specifically for the black paints or dark colored paints? It has black pigments inside there.

So it’s not gon na change, the color of any other dark colored paint. So don’t worry about that, but to make sure always test on an inconspicuous area if you have something like a dark charcoal or a dark, blue or another dark vehicle, so use your door jams, for example, test that there and you should be good to go to Apply on the rest of your paint work but yeah. It just increases that depth that gloss on those black cars like crazy and it’s gon na help to fill in once again any light imperfections so any light swirls any light, scratching or light love marks from the washing and drying stage. This helps against that. So another form of protection, and probably my favorite one in the entire hybrid solutions line – you’ve also seen a review of this on my channel.

If not go check it out, it is the hybrid solutions pro graphene infused flex wax. This guy is the big boy of the bunch. If you ask me – and why is that, i did a real world durability test where i had diff 20 different types of paint, protectants on a vehicle and it went through an entire year. So four seasons, including our crazy winners and i basically wanted to see how one layer of each product would perform in a real world scenario. The vehicle was not maintained at all by the owner during that time.

So i was the only one taking care of washing it every other month and i was reporting back to you and we saw that this one here i was super impressed. I got 10 plus months out of this on that vehicle and that’s what i see as well on other cars, so you’re, looking at upwards of nine months with just one layer of protection, some people in gentler, climates or warmer climates have reported 10, 11 12 months Of protection with a layer of this, so as long as you prepare your paint correctly, so do all the wash the decontamination do either an iron decon plus a clay bar to remove any ferrous contamination and any other embedded. Contaminants then move on to correct your paintwork. So use some polishes either the ones in their lineup or whatever polish you have at home to perfect the paint to your liking, meaning that the appearance that you like enhance that gloss, remove the swirls, remove the scratches any oxidation. That’S on there.

The more time you spend prepping the paint the longer all the paint protection products will last not only turtle wax, but any product that you’re using and the better. They will look right. So that’s important when you’re done as well doing all that polishing stage perhaps use a paint prep product or a an ipa isopropyl alcohol mix to strip away the polishing oils and uh that way, you’re going to have a better bonding of these types of products. You’Re not going to use an ipa, however, if you’re using an all-in-one right, because this adds a bit of protection, you don’t want to remove that protection. So, if you’re applying this just wait, 24 hours without washing your car, let it cure do not ipa wipe and then move on to applying one of the turtle wax hybrid line of paint protectants on there.

So flex wax the first base layer of protection you’re going to apply on dry paint. So that’s the foundation layer, that’s the long lasting one, but why is it called flex wax because it is very flexible in its application, so the maintenance after you’ve applied that base layer of protection on dry paint. The maintenance is as simple as spray on rinse off or you can use this on dry paint or you can use this on wet paint as well as a drying aid. Basically, whatever means you want to apply and remove. You can do this with that.

It’S infused with ceramic technology, graphene technology, the slickness that you get out of this is insane and you’re getting tons of gloss as well. It is very simple: i don’t have any streaking issues. I have seen some viewers report that sometimes they are street. They have streaking issues, usually that’s because probably they over apply it. So one to two sprays per panel is all what you need really.

So the lighter the better a thin coat, and if you do see a bit of streaking, you can take a second towel with. That’S damp with just a bit of water, wipe that over there take another clean and dry towel to buff, and that’s it you’re good to go. So whenever you see a bit of streaking, regardless of which spray-on product you’re using just use a damp towel with just a bit of water to a level. All of that then take that second clean and dry towel to buff. And you should be good to go.

So flex wax is a fantastic fantastic product. I mean this is as good as it gets for a spray-on protectant. I was deeply impressed now another product that people went crazy for the initial offering was sold out, but thankfully they listened and they produced more. So now it’s readily available, it’s their ceramic and graphene paste wax. So i think the one of the reasons for its success is well, obviously, not only the articles from other youtubers talking about it, because it is a fantastic paste wax.

But it’s we’re getting back to that old school feel of hand applying a wax. So the contact you have with your car just getting to know it going over those bumps and curves on the paintwork and on the panel work and the body lines and all that kind of stuff and your hand applying something you’re buffing off. And it brings you back to your childhood. I started detailing cars when i was 16 years old, so i’m now 41. So over 25 years of doing that – and i mean i remember my first day when you would wax on and buff off or wax on wax off, like mr miyagi would say so they had initially released this version here, which is the 75th anniversary so because turtle Wax yes, celebrated its 75th anniversary uh last year, yeah and uh, it’s still owned by the same healy family.

So it’s still a family operated business. Three generations in it is still the same family that owns the business. How fantastic is that very rare in the detailing world so yeah over 75 years now and they released the regular version. So it’s the same thing just without this 75th anniversary cap, but you’re getting the same formula. Basically what the chemist said.

There’S 10 different blends of different types of carnauba in there you’re getting graphene technology and you’re getting ceramic technology, don’t expect the same durability as the spray counterparts. These are more durable in time, so you’re still going to get probably a few months of protection. Out of this, but why you’re applying this is for the gloss and the slickness and that deep, rich feel so there’s something different when you’re applying a carnauba-based wax on a vehicle. It gives you that warm glow, where you’re getting this slickness you’re getting this. So it is very, very easy to use once again you’re applying it you’re, removing it and that’s it you’re good to go what turtle wax recommended by the way some people like to layer stuff.

So you can layer this product here, so you’re going to apply your base layer lay on a good layer of the ceramic and graphene paste wax and you’re, going to top it off with flex wax. So it’s contrary to what we normally do right, because the base layer normally is the longer lasting product and you top it off with the carnauba wax for the glow. But in this case it’s a bit different what they recommend so you’re, going to start with applying the ceramic and graphene paste wax for that nice depth of shine and to lay that thick layer down of protection and then you’re going to apply a topper wait. At least 24 hours before, starting to use this in my opinion and then start using the graphene infused flex, wax because you’re going to have this as a topper, but also for maintenance. Afterwards, once you apply the base layer of this too, it’s going to be very simple spray on rinse off use as a drying aid or even on dry paint, regardless of what you want.

So this is a combo that works. Super super well, so uh this one. Here yeah, they they sold a crap ton. It comes in a beautiful kit with an applicator and a towel too, so check all the links by the way again in the description under the article. So you wash your vehicle, you decontaminated it.

You did some polishing to restore the gloss. The clarity remove scratches swirls, all that stuff now you’ve protected it right, long-term protection, with your choice of protection in the range. So what do you do for maintenance? Very simple? They have solutions for you as well.

There’S one of three products that you can use for maintenance, so the first one is their ceramic wash and wax. So this is a shampoo. You guessed it infused with some protection in the form of sio2, so some ceramic technology in there so basically you’re going to use this to wash your vehicle right and it lays down a bit of extra protection for you. So, as a standalone, it’s not going to last that long. If you don’t have any protection on your paintwork, maybe two to four weeks a month of protection, but this is to basically top off your existing protection when you’re doing your regular washes so every other week, you can use something like this or once a month, perhaps To top off protection like the ceramic spray coating, the ceramic acrylic black spray, wax the flex wax, or even the ceramic graphene or basically any protection in the turtle wax lineup.

You can use this in your bucket wash. You can try and use this in a foam cannon but use the dilutions accordingly you’re gon na have to play around with that. If you want to do some off-label use, but basically this is three ounces of this. In your gallon and your wash bucket, i mean so regardless, if you have three four or five gallons of water, so they recommend roughly three fluid ounces and then you’re gon na top off with a gallon of water. So, every time you have a gallon, it’s three ounces, so two gallons, six ounces, that kind of stuff but again play with dilution, see what works for you.

One thing of note: uh products that shampoos that contain some protection in it, especially ceramic technology. They tend to not suds as much so people tend to think. Oh, my god. It’S not foaming or sudsing as much or the suds disappear after a few minutes, and i’m not seeing anything in the bucket that doesn’t mean that the product is not performing. Don’T worry, it is normal, it’s because of the nature of the chemistry inside the formulation, so you’re not going to see a lot of suds with these kind kinds of ceramic infused soaps.

However, lubrication is still there and lubrication is the most important factor when you’re hand washing your vehicle with a shampoo, and this provides it by a ton, so no worries there. It’S going to increase that gloss, but give you the hydrophobic properties right that water, beading and water sheeting to help keep your paint cleaner for longer and make your paint easier to clean and again to top off the protection. A quick tip that was given to me by the chemist himself when you’re using this right so you’re dipping your microfiber wash mitt in the wash bucket or wash solution and then you’re rubbing it on your surface to, of course clean the surface. Don’T over rub back and forth in the same area, because this needs to start bonding to the clear coat or to the protectant. That’S on there.

So if you’re over rubbing you’re, basically preventing it from properly bonding. So one or two passes in that section and that’s it stop. Of course, don’t let it dry on the surface and you can work if you want to be sure if you’re working outside work panel per panel so clean a panel rinse it move on to the next panel or if you’re, working in the shade or in a On a cool surface or in a garage for example, then you can wash the vehicle as normal and then rinse in the end, but just don’t let it over dry on the paint, so another maintenance product that you can use. There’S many different ways right that you can maintain your protection. So is the ceramic wet wax, so what this is is basically a drying aid, so once you’ve cleaned your vehicle, as you would normally you’re going to rinse it down and while it’s still wet you spray.

This on the surface, and then you wipe with your microfiber drying towel and that’s it you’ve added a bit of protection again, three to four weeks of protection. A month, perhaps uh two to three months, depending on what conditions you live in, but you’re, enhancing the gloss. You’Re, enhancing the water beading, the sheeting, all those protections as well, and you’re, basically boosting the existing protection to make sure you get the maximum durability out of it. So this is a fantastic drying aid. I know a lot of people love to use this.

For that reason too and yeah, it is very simple to use and you can use this as well on your exterior plastics. So that’s another thing. People like this for you’re, boosting that protection and you’re, helping that those surfaces to look better as well so pretty much yeah. All the exterior surfaces, no problem to use uh this product on there, so another product that you can use to maintain is their three in one ceramic detailer. So this is basically a quick detail spray so as you would for any other quick detail spray.

So if you have just a light layer of dust, for example, if you’re at a car show so the car is clean right and it has just this very, very light layer of dust or a bit of fingerprints. You can use this to remove the smudges fingerprints light dust that kind of stuff. If you had some bird bombs or bird droppings on your vehicle, we all hate those. You want to remove those as quickly as possible, so they don’t etch through the clear coat, because those are acidic in nature. Bird droppings you’re going to use a quick detail spray, so this has a bit of that ceramic technology.

We used this when i was at the monterey car show. In the summer of 2021, we were at a lamborghini event where they had it was the 40th anniversary of the lamborghini countach memory serves me right or something like that. Anyhow, i have a article recapping. My experience at the monterey car week and we used this to help prepare all the vehicles before we went on the countach rally. The countach rally lamborghini, so we were driving around with all those lambos and we had a lot of the turtle wax products and one of the favorite ones for it, because it did a quick job of giving that light dust, removing capability and, of course, booze gloss And that sickness slickness was the hybrid solutions, their ceramic three in one detail spray, so fantastic one at that, so pan what about the inside?

Well yeah? Of course they have you covered, so we’re getting to it the first product for the first deep cleaning. So if you have dirty surfaces regardless, if it’s leather, vinyl plastics or rubber on the inside, there is one product that does it out all and it’s appropriately called inside job. So it’s the hybrid solutions, graphene and ceramic inside job. So again you can use this on leather, rubber, plastics and vinyl pretty much all the interior surfaces.

This is going to give a deep, clean. It’S in spray form, so very, very simple. To use spray on, you can use detailing brushes for those more dirty spots or more intricate areas or just wipe with a microfiber towel. Regardless of how you like to clean your interiors, you can use a ninja scrub pad those kinds of things. If you have very very dirty surfaces, but basically spray on then agitate to wipe off, and that’s it you’re good to go the good thing about this.

Not only does it have cleaning capabilities, but it has odor x technology to help fight and combat those odors over time it has a ph balanced blend. So it’s not going to damage any of those interior surfaces but perhaps more importantly, it has um dust repelling capabilities. So it has anti-static properties, which is key. It’S going to also give you uv protection right, so protect the interior surfaces against fading and cracking, especially if you live in areas where it’s exposed to the sun a lot or if your car sits outside all the time. You have to protect those interior surfaces against fading and cracking and yeah.

This one here does the job. So it’s going to clean it’s going to enhance and it’s going to protect and again once again, it’s going to give you those anti-static properties, so less dusting and that uv protection and less dust attraction all that stuff. So now that you’ve cleaned and you’ve protected your interior surfaces. So what do you do for those light? Cleanings right so every once in a while when you’re doing those regular interior cleanups every other week, for example, on your vehicle, so they have three products that you can use.

First of all this one here. This is their mist, glass, cleaner inside and out. So this is a ammonia-free glass, cleaner, that’s free of any ammonia, so you can use this on tinted glass and it is streak-free, but the cool thing as the other products that we’re going to talk about in a few seconds. It comes with this fluorescent cap. So these are very expensive to add on, but they kept the value still very, very low.

But what it does look at this you see the atomization, so it produces a very, very fine and even mist so you’re not getting any streaking and the more you pump and you let go. It’S still going to continue spraying. So if i do this see it’s still going on, so it has that perfect mist that you’re applying it’s going to cut through grease and grime. It has that fresh scent as well, very pleasing to use and uh yeah again, it’s ammonia free. You can also use this on tech screens or infotainment displays.

Let me show you that label here up front and uh yeah, just a fantastic product. So now what other maintenance product do they have? You need an interior, quick detail, spray right for your regular maintenance, cleanings and again with the flareon cap. This is the streak free mist, interior detailer. Once again for all your interior surfaces, this is non-greasy by the way.

It also has uv protection, so you’re always replenishing that uv protection thanks to the uv package in there it’s safe on glass as well. If you want to use the two in one product so on all your surfaces, plastics, rubber, vinyl and leather and even glass. So you can use this all over the interior cabin. It also deodorizes and leaves a fresh scent as well and very very fresh once again same thing that even mist with the flareosol cap and uh yeah you’re, covering all your interior surfaces. So for the light cleaning duties, light dust, removal that kind of stuff and your replenishing uv protection – oh my god, it smells amazing!

I’M getting all these smells in my garage. So this is their interior, quick detail, spray and, last but not least, we have their leather mist, cleaner, conditioner and protectant. So this is for leather and vinyl surfaces. It has a blend of aloe vera and neat foot oil. It has a non-greasy appearance, it doesn’t have any harsh solvents in there.

It has a ph balanced formula. It also has uv protection in there, which is very important again you’re replenishing that uv protection right. So you have that base layer of protection and that deep, clean that you did with the ceramic and graphene inside job and then for maintenance of your vinyl and leather surfaces. You have this leather mist or even, if you don’t have that, base layer of protection, and you just want something to quickly clean, enhance and protect your leather and vinyl surfaces. This one here which works super well to help restore your surfaces and just keep them looking clean and get that oem matte appearance right.

So this is not going to give you a glossy leather appearance. We don’t like that. We want that oem factory, appearance and clean leather is matte. Looking leather, and this just restores that matte appearance spray on you can scrub with either a scrub, ninja or whatever leather brush you have, or perhaps, if it’s not that dirty just a microfiber towel. You wipe off, and that’s it you’re good to go.

All of these products are so easy to use. By the way, i remind you that i’ll include the links to all of these in the description under the article, for you guys to check these products out and purchase them. The turtle wax is available in 120, plus different countries around the world, so they’re truly a global brand, uh and yeah. I hope you enjoyed the article smash the thumbs up button to show me your support. Of course, if you want to continue seeing articles like these make sure you click the subscribe button to make sure you’re subscribed to my website and you don’t miss my future articles and in the meantime, don’t forget, keep it tight, keep it clean and i’ll see you Guys on the next one,

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