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Turtle Wax has just released a brand new product. This is from their hybrid Solutions line, and this is their graphene acrylic trim restorer now back in November. I believe it was at the SEMA trade show. I actually saw this and they debuted this product. They were releasing.

It that was their first launch of this product, it’s available to everyone. Now you can buy it online, you can buy it in store. It is out there so we’re going to be testing this out against a couple of the Staples in this trim. Restoration. Category number one cerakote trimco: this is a phenomenal product, probably one you consider a price ease of use and results, and longevity of water, repellency and all that kind of stuff.

This is my go-to. This is my favorite one. This is an older box, but fantastic product. Cerakote trimco next up we’ll be testing it against solution finish. I think this is going to be a more similar product to this.

Don’T know that for for a fact, but I’ve seen kind of people talk like oh, is it going to be the new solution finished? So I want to compare it to solution finish and then as a third option that we’ll be comparing it to. I just received this in the mail uh 303 just sent this to me. So thank you guys for sending this to me. I’Ve never used this product before so we’re going to try it up against the these three and see how this works as well.

This is the 303 graphene trim coating, it says renew and protect plastic trim, minimal runoff lasts up to six months and spreads evenly. So, let’s check it out, okay, so behind me here I have my buddy’s 2008 Mini Cooper. Now the front engine cowling this little plastic piece that runs up here isn’t looking its best. It can definitely be improved significantly. So what I’m going to do is tape off a certain section right over here and we’re going to be applying each of these products in each of these squares and then we’ll see the difference in appearance.

The ease of application, all that kind of good stuff to see which one I like just right off the bat again right now cerakote is my favorite, so it’ll have to beat that, but I’ll also be letting these cure and then we’ll do an update article to See you know which one lasts the longest now for the cerakote trim coat product. This promises 200 washes or more, and I would have to say guys. I’Ve had this on my Sprinter van. I use it on customer Vehicles, it lasts. It lasts a significant amount of time.

Again it’s infused with Ceramics, you’re, getting that water, repellency and self-cleaning ability, um just so stuff, doesn’t stick to it as much. Then we move on to solution finish and there’s no real claim to how long it lasts, but it does last a good amount of time for sure from tests that I’ve done with this in the past, it doesn’t have the same level of protection or sealing the Plastic that these other ones do just seems to restore it back to its original appearance. Again, it doesn’t leave a high shining like that. It just gives a nice natural uh finish to it, for the new Turtle Wax graphene acrylic trimester I was at seam. I was talking to the product developers and they said it a lot like it’s a significant thing: it lasts through different seasons.

So on the bottle, this does State graphene and acrylic polymers restore shine and block in dull textured plastic, while leaving behind Superior UV protection against future fading oxidation and sun damage durability. A little note says, coating doesn’t wash off and will endure seasonal exposures and finally, the 303 graphene trim. Coating States right on the front here lasts up to six months. Okay guys, so I have everything taped off here. The first one we’re going to do is the turtle wax product, followed by solution.

Finish then cerakote and the last section here will be the 303 product now for application. It’S the same with all of these you, you want to apply it to a clean and cool surface, so don’t do it in direct sunlight. If you can avoid it, just with some of these polymers that are in it, they may cause streaking, so just make sure that it’s on a cool surface, and very, very importantly, especially the ones with graphene or ceramic in them. Do it on a dry surface. If there’s any moisture in it, it can leave streaking so make sure the surface is dry.

Now what I did to prep all this is I just washed it down with a basic soap, a nice clean soap with no wax additive and then dried it down. So it definitely looks better than it did previous, but still could use a lot of a lot of help in the restorative process here. So we’re going to start off with the Turtle Wax hybrid Solutions, graphene acrylic restorer. I have these nice little applicator pads that I will be using so for this. It does stay to wear gloves because the product is tinted black.

That’S where it’s kind of similar to that solution, finished product it says, apply a small amount of product onto a foam. Applicator or microfiber towel using a combination of back and forth and circular overlapping motions, treat the area to be restored, reapply a small amount of product as needed until till complete. Let dry once dry to the touch after three to five minutes. A second application is necessary for even appearance and restoration. Your circular motions to apply with light pressure and to blend and level so it doesn’t say anything about wiping it off.

It just says to reapply and use a lighter finish to get a nice streak free finish. So let’s go ahead and do it guys let’s go ahead and pop this open and test it. It does state to shake well before using so it’s All Shook Up now, let’s go ahead and pop the top and apply just a small amount. I don’t want to overly uh overly saturate the area, so it’s going to supply a small amount and, as you can see, it is completely black right completely black. It is a dyed product.

So, let’s just go ahead and apply a little bit and rub it into this area. I’M not going to worry about getting up front here. I just want to see how this works right away. Application is easy. It seems to spread on very very nicely.

Just gon na go in front a little bit reapply a little bit more there. We go make sure not to drip it onto the paint of the car and then overlapping, back and forth and circular motions to get the desired results. So I will say right off the bat guys. This is looking fantastic, nice and dark uh. I’M not seeing any issues with it not being even but again we will let it dry for three to five minutes.

We’Ll come back. Do another wipe a secondary coat with a nice light touch to get everything nice and smooth okay, while we’re waiting on that one. We’Re going to go ahead and move on to the next product. That’S going to be the solution finish, a trim, restore black trim restore again. This is a dyed product as well.

It does stay shake the bottle well before using and then spread a thin coat over. The area in a even motion covering area completely allow solution to penetrate for one to two minutes and then use a clean microfiber to buff off the excess. So that’s what we’ll do so? I’Ve got a new applicator here. Shake this up, and this stuff again does make an absolute mess.

It is dyed black and gets very, very messy, so I’m going to supply a little bit right off camera here, for you guys there we go and I’m just gon na go ahead and apply this stuff. It wasn’t very much. Let me go ahead and get some more on here. There we go now. I really really like this stuff when I first use it um, I’m gon na, say right now, just ease of application between this and the uh Turtle Wax product.

I, like the turtle, wax product significantly more. This is kind of a little bit tacky it’s spreading nicely, but a little bit tacky and it’s going on pretty thick. So that’s why we’re gon na have to wipe off the excess again, like I said in my other test, the restorative aspect of it is fantastic, but as far as repelling dirt and water, it wasn’t as good as some of the other products. Okay, guys so before I move on to the next one, because this only has to kind of penetrate into the plastic for one to two minutes, I’m just going to let that one to two minutes go by and then buff it out. So we’re done with this one okay, so the time has gone by I’m gon na go ahead and mop up the excess yeah, and it gives a really nice clean finish here guys, I have to say I do like the results of this.

It’S there’s no shine to it. It’S just very restorative. Back to original. It’S got a nice uniform finish now that we’re removing the excess and giving it just a kind of final wipe down. Okay, now next up, cerakote trim coat again guys.

I actually was up at cerakote. I saw how these were packaged and it’s all automated, but basically this little pouch gets filled with their ceramic solution, restorative, whatever chemical they they use to create this product that is ceramic infused and then a total tell it gets folded up and dropped in. So it moisturizes the towelette you just rip it open, and here is the towelette all saturated and ready to go. The thing that I think I’m going to have a problem with is because this towel is so saturated, meaning you can get a lot done with it. I may have a little bit of an issue, keeping this contained or without streaking, because there’s so much product on this compared.

You know for this little area, but I will say this is by far the most potent I can actually smell ceramic infusement in this. But let’s go ahead and apply yeah spreading is super. Super super super easy and they actually don’t State anything about wiping it up either. You can actually just let it sit and let it do its thing now. In my previous tests I did wipe it uh.

After a little bit, I let it sit and then I wiped it up and the reason I did that was just because there was a little bit again same thing. It was the same kind of test and I had a lot of product on a little area. However, it still performed amazing, even though I wiped it up. I don’t. I just think that it kind of dulled out a little bit more than I would have so I’m just going to let this sit as is on here.

I’M going to try and clean it up a little bit, so we don’t get any streaking again, there’s just a lot of product on this little towelette so but yeah. That’S it we’ll leave it there and we’ll move on to the next one, really quickly guys. I’M sitting here editing this article right now and I just realized. I did not film the second application of the turtle wax product uh. It is on there.

I did reapply it and it went on very very easily. I just actually put on a little bit applied lightly and it just kind of helped to settle everything in again, even after that first coat to be perfectly honest, it looked great um, but that set coat did go on and again I just did it with a Light hand light touch and got it all nice and even okay, so moving on to product number four, that’s the 303 graphene trim coating, a simple application just says: Shake product. Well, before use applying a clean cool dry surface like all of them have been, and then it says using a microfiber applicator spread evenly on the trim and then wipe dry with a clean microfiber towel for an even appearance. So here we go we’re just gon na go ahead and pop the top here and apply the product directly on and interesting. This is a almost a gel, well, not quite a gel, but definitely a thicker consistency, and it is clear.

Okay, so let’s go ahead and wipe this on application. Is super super easy spreading nicely and again it is. It does feel to be a little bit more of a gel this one I I can definitely smell some active ingredients in this one. The solution finish, I didn’t really smell the the Turtle Wax. I didn’t really smell um, but this one for sure and the cerakote for sure.

So it may be these these ceramic applications of it again. This one is a graphene infused. The cerakote is its own type of ceramic. The solution finish is more of a Dye type of restorative product. Turtle Wax is a graphene acrylic, so maybe that may be why it doesn’t smell as much so just applying this, it’s going on nicely does seem.

It doesn’t want to kind of go completely even for me, but they do stay to wipe it up with another towel. So that’s what we’re going to do. I’Ve got a towel here and I’m just going to go ahead and wipe up the excess. They don’t state to to let it sit for any amount of time, so here we go wiping it up and yeah it gives a nice uniform finish. The buff off is very very easy.

It comes off nice, but it’s leaving a nice deep dark result. So very good, and it also feels quite smooth so another benefit. Okay, guys now we’re going to go ahead and take a closer look with my phone here and looking at the first one, the turtle wax product very, very uniform, finish, pretty natural. Looking a slight gloss to it, not I don’t even want to say gloss, it’s a slight sheen looks really really good. Moving on to solution finish, as you can tell, it does have a more of a matte finish than the Turtle Wax just a little bit less gloss to it, but also very, very consistent, no streaking or anything like that.

Cerakote definitely has the most amount of gloss in it currently but, like I said guys, you can knock this stuff down. If you, if I wanted to, we could wipe it with a microfiber towel. It’S still going to be nice and dark. It’S still going to give tons of protection against water and all that kind of stuff. That’S why I love this stuff, so much it’s so easy to apply and the benefit is and negative right on this little panel.

I was using that the wipe that it comes with and the reason I was having a little bit of trouble is just because I’m doing this tiny piece, the wipes are nice and saturated. You can get a lot done with them, but I think we still got a fantastic result here, everything’s very, very uniform and looking good and finally, the 303 very, very, very natural look here as well, very similar to the solution finish. So I like that, a lot it looks really really good application was super, easy. It buffed off really really well now, before you buff it off. It is a little bit streaky, but then you buff it and it’s perfect.

It looks really really good, and so now we’re going to go ahead and pull the car out right out front of the shop and we’ll check it in the sunlight, see how they look. We’Ll also pull the tape and get a good, a good representation of each one, okay guys. So I went ahead and pulled the vehicle outside, as you can see we’re still in the shade, but I’m gon na go ahead and pull the tape here again. 303. Cerakote solution finish Turtle Wax, so I’m gon na go ahead and pull these, so we can get a better look and contrast and then we’ll actually go pull this into the Sun.

So we can get a direct kind of line of sight in direct sunlight as well, but before we do that, I want to go ahead and take another close-up with my phone, so you guys can see the difference here. As you can see fantastic result. The turtle watch product looks amazing. It looks really really good. Then we move on to solution.

Finish again looks fantastic, cerakote, higher gloss, but looks absolutely fantastic, and I got it just to reiterate guys the protection. There is fantastic and you can knock it down. If you want to, and then we have the 303 product, which again looks fantastic, so it’s really cool to see the uh market, for these trim restoration products is amazing, like all of these are performing super super. Well, I also did a test with lithium trim, cubes and some other products uh Sarah trim and and some other ones in my previous test on a different panel, and I was really happy with all of them. I was really nitpicking to see who the winner was and more came down to price and ease of application.

All right guys – and here we are in direct sunlight again. They all look fantastic. All look super dark, all look really good. Now I’m going to go ahead and get up nice and close for you guys with my phone here. Turtle Wax looks great uh.

This is solution finish a little bit darker. Now that we’re in direct sunlight, I would say solution. Finish is a little bit darker cerakote uh uh, let’s see here I’d, say a similar color uh to the turtle wax product and last one 303, I would say, is the least dark um of all of them, but still fantastic, looking looks really really good. So there they are, I mean from this distance, which is about a foot and a half away. You really can’t tell the difference between any of them.

They all look fantastic, okay, guys. So, as you can see there, they all work pretty pretty well right. I really like all of them, I’m going to go ahead and break them down by category ease of use, cerakote’s going to be the winner for me on that again, pop up in the package, the little towelette is already saturated with the product, just wipe it on And you’re good to go so very, very easy, fast application. There number two, I would say the next easiest would be the 303 product. Now again, I said it was wasn’t going on super consistent, but once you’re able to wipe it off, it comes out really really nice.

So I think you can get around a car really quickly. With this, you can just apply it to the applicator boom. Hit everything go buff, it all out right afterwards and you’re good to go and another benefit with this one is, it is clear, so if it gets on the paint you’re easily wiping it up, you’re, not making a big mess as far as these two go, Application Is similar this one’s harder to put on, but this one you have to do two coats so take that for what it is, both of them are tinted black, so they can cause a little bit of a mess. I was just looking online on Amazon and the new turtle wax product only has three ratings currently because it just came out, two of them were five star one. One of them was a two star and it was strictly because they even said it works well, but it makes a mess, but if you go into it, knowing that and knowing what to expect again, if they’re a customer here personally, I’d probably go with this over Solution finished because this is going to have some protective properties in it with the graphene.

Now next, up, let’s talk pricing. I have a couple of notes Here: the turtle wax product. All these prices are going to be what’s available on Amazon I’ll, have all the stuff Linked In the description for you guys, so you can get it easily. The turtle wax product is 10 ounces and comes in at 11.99.

So that’s approximately one dollar and 20 cents per ounce, so pretty good price. Now you do have to take into account that you do have to do two coats, or at least a secondary light, coat just to smooth everything out, so you’ll be going through this a little bit quicker, but 10 ounces is a good amount. I think you’ll be able to get two to three cars done properly with this pretty easily, depending obviously how much plastic is on it, but realistically, two to three cars, no problem, probably more than that solution, finish again guys this one’s been around forever. It’S kind of the staple it was the first one that really made a huge difference. Uh this 12 ounce bottle retails for approximately 20.

You can find it from like 18 to 25, so we’re gon na call it 20 bucks. At that rate, that is a dollar 67 per ounce, so a higher cost than the Turtle Wax products so again, because they’re very, very similar, I’m going here after that we’re going to go to the 303. This is an eight ounce bottle and retails for approximately 14. I will say, though, guys this bottle was completely sealed. It wasn’t full uh, it’s an eight ounce bottle, but it was filled probably about two-thirds of the way up so factor that in I don’t know if that was just this bottle or if that’s how all of them are, but fourteen dollars for eight ounces that comes To a dollar seventy five, an ounce – so out of these three, the 303 is the most expensive, but it was very, very easy to use, and last but not least, is the cerakote product again guys.

This is an old package. Don’T pay attention to the package, but this box of 10 extra large wipes retails for approximately 18 and uh. They go a long way guys, I will say I can probably get. I would would probably average about two wipes per car, even if it has a good amount of plastic on it. Two to three wipes so you’re going to get between three and five cars done with this product.

I would assume now we don’t have a per ounce price to go with this. So that’s why I did this one last: it’s a different cost uh but 18. The ease of use and the water repellency from this product, though, is fantastic. 18. 10 wipes.

So there you go four awesome trim restoration products, all of them worked well, all of them applied relatively easy again. Circo is the easiest, but as far as this Turtle Wax hybrid Solutions, product goes. If I was the customer that was using this, I personally would switch to this. It was very similar um, slightly higher shine to it like barely but still a little bit more gloss to it than solution. Finish and solution.

Finish did go a little bit darker in my opinion, but both of them are fantastic. This is just cheaper and I think it was a little bit easier to apply, even though they have to do two coats and you do get the protection of the graphene in there. So that’s it for today’s article. I hope that helps you guys just wanted to give you a clear path of which one you may want to go with all of them work. Well, I wouldn’t say: don’t use one of them.

I think they all work fantastic. So do with that, what you will everything will be linked in the description. I appreciate all of you please make sure to like the article make sure you subscribe turn that notification Bell on and we will see you on the next one.

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