NEW P&S Absolute Rinseless Wash… Is it better than ONR or McKee’s?

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Today I’m reviewing the brand new pns absolute rinseless wash. This is a newcomer in the rinseless wash world uh heavily heavily requested that I do the review by you guys my viewers. So here it is I’ll, be talking about the price value performance, we’re going to do a quick demo, I’m going to show you how to dilute it, how to use it. What stuff you need to do the job uh by the way pns did not copy any other formulas out there.

They decided to work on this from the ground up. They worked on it for about a year and in this article by the way I’ll be showing you some stuff that you don’t see on the other reviews about it. So stay tuned for that, and also I had a discussion with Dave Phillips. The chemist over at pns, because I needed a few clarifications so I’ll, be passing on all that info to you guys to help you make a better purchase decision, also I’ll, be comparing the absolute rinseless wash to two Staples in the rinseless wash world, so the McKees 37 n914 rinseless wash one of my current favorites and also the one probably that started it all in the rinseless wash World Optimum polymer Technologies, uh no rinse, also known as onr, so by the way, guys all the links to the tools, equipment and products that I Talk about in this article I’ll drop those links in the description under the video for you guys to check them out. So all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

Also quick disclaimer. This is not a sponsored. article pns didn’t even send me the absolute rinse of swash. I ordered it myself online and by the way I enjoyed this quite a bit, I’m already at my second bottle, because I do some thorough testing been doing testing this.

For now about a month, I also gave out a lot of the formula of the previous bottle to some friends that absolutely love rinseless washes by the way, if you want to see a full tutorial on how a rinseless wash works from beginning to end I’ll leave A link to my article in the description, so you guys can check it out and basically see if it works for you, but again a rinseless wash use common sense.

It’S a good alternative for those who do not have access to free-flowing water. You can be an apartment, dweller or a condo dweller or live in a city or state with heavy water bands or heavy water restrictions, or you just want to save water. So a rinse, the swast is a good alternative. Now rinseless wash doesn’t mean that you never rinse the vehicle right. It only means that you don’t need to rinse it at the end, so use common sense.

Once again, if the vehicle is caked in a thick layer of dirt and mud, you’re going to pre-rinse the vehicle first and then do the rinseless wash method. But if your vehicle is only lightly dirty and you maintain it often – a rinseless wash is a very safe alternative because they have polymer technologies that basically encapsulate emulsify, lift the dirt off the surface.

So you can wipe it off gently at the end and you’re not going to scratch or Mar your paint if you do it safely and efficiently, as we’ll see later on in the demo. So let’s talk about the absolute rinseless wash first of all, so it is a polymer based technology and you’re going to see it is very, very different. It’S a bit thicker than what you’re used to and I’m going to show you something in a quick little demo.

Here and you’re going to see what I mean about this, but first of all, they nailed the scent it’s a coconut lime scent so fantastic what about value? So this 32 ounce bottle retails for roughly 17.95 USD at the moment of this recording so we’re November 2022. Of course check the links again in the description for the most up-to-date pricing, and then you can also get it in a gallon size. The gallon is roughly 65 US dollars, so great value, it’s in the less expensive side of the quality rinseless washes so like pns are known for their value.

It continues with this now you’re, typically going to use about three gallons of water when you’re doing a rinseless wash method on your vehicle, of course, depending on the size of the car. But the average is roughly three gallons so you’d be using one and a half ounces of this, because the dilution is the classic standard 256 to 1 dilution, meaning half an ounce per gallon of water.

So if you have three gallons of water in your wash bucket you’re going to be using one and a half ounces, so for the 32 ounce version using one and a half, ounces equates to roughly 21 washes that you get out of it. So 85 cents per wash so very economical, but it gets even better if you get the gallon size that drops down to roughly 21 cents per wash so the bigger sizes, obviously they’re, even more economical. Hence why they’re loved by professional detailers out there not only because they’re areas where Pro detailers, if they’re mobile and they work outside, don’t necessarily have access to water.

So this is a good wash alternative, but is also less expensive over time compared to a traditional shampoo. Now, where does it compare value-wise to the others for the McKees, 37 and 914? If you get the 32 ounce, it’s anywhere between 1995 USD all the way up to 24.99 USD again check the links for the pricing, and if you get the gallon size anywhere from 60 to 70 US dollars per gallon and for the optimum, no rinse, it’s pretty Equal to the absolute so in the Lesser expensive bracket, so we’re talking about 17.95 once again for a 32 ounce size like this, and if you get a gallon roughly 63 to 65 US dollars per gallon, so it’s on par with the price of the absolute.

So these are the less expensive but top tier all three of these. By the way you can go wrong, they’re very, very good at what they do also notice up top. Here I have a pro blend. This is a bottle, bottle, proportioner, and it makes it very easy to calculate the amount you need so with the ring. You turn it and this diaphragm here goes up and down to where you need it.

So, for example, I set it to about about an ounce. So what you do you squeeze the bottle to whatever level you want and then it goes back down to exactly the amount you need. So here’s an ounce, you open the cap and then you just drop that in your bucket. So it’s a pretty cool tool or you can use what I also often use for everything, a measuring cup or another thing they thought about over at pns, to make it even simpler. If you don’t have any measuring devices, you can use the cap, so one capful on the 32 ounce is not quite half an ounce.

So you’ll do a generous capful if you want half an ounce. So if you have three gallons of water, three generous capfuls so make it overflow a little bit drop that in your water and you’re good to go. If you get the gallon size, the cap is exactly half an ounce on the gallon size version. So there you go, what other features does it have? First of all, it has water softening technology in it, which means when you drop it and you mix it in your water.

Well, it softens up the water, hence you’re gon na. Let get less chances of water spotting, especially if you’re washing outside, so you can use this it indirect sunlight. If you do, though, do one paddle one panel at a time, if you’re doing it in direct sunlight, just to be safe and obviously like anything else in the detailing world, I always recommend to work in the shade on a cool surface or in a garage, if Possible uh, like I said again, smells like coconut lime, absolutely great scent for the McKees. This smells like apples and for the onr. I call it chemical blueberries, but they all have great scents.

So that’s not an issue, the texture. These are more liquidy, so the onr and the McKees and again this is a bit more. It’S a thicker solution, but let me show you what I had to ask Dave about, because when I was testing this initially, I noticed that the solution was kind of Milky and clumpy and a lot of people in the feedback that I got from viewers as well Or the my friends to whom I gave a lot of this away to is they thought they did something wrong because it wouldn’t dilute or dissolve properly in the solution? So let me show you what I mean so I’ll. Take the measure measuring cup here I’ll just put a little bit in the bottom, less than half an ounce.

We don’t need much for this for this demonstration, so I’m going to pour that in to the solution itself. First of all, so I don’t know if you can tell on camera, you can probably tell you see all those clumps inside there that are around and up top it accumulates. So what you need is to gently stir it. So I asked Dave Phillips about why it does this and why you get all those clumps gentle stirring by the way is the key according to Dave. So if you have it in a larger bucket, you can use your your hands, obviously to mix it up.

So you can see a bunch of stuff floating in there. So a lot of people thought that, oh, is it the the chemistry that has gone wrong? Did I do the mix improperly? What Dave explained is that the solution is thicker. However, it is normal that you’ll get that kind of clumping inside there, because basically, the polymers and the actives in the solution.

They don’t fully dissolve in water. What they do is they disperse in water. So, contrary to these other two, which will dissolve fully and it has a homogeneous appearance – well, the absolute was designed with with the polymers and actives to disperse instead of dissolving. Hence why you see all that clumping, but it is normal. It is still perfect.

You’Re still going to get the lubrication you’re still going to get the cleaning what kind of dilution ratios can you expect? Of course, I wouldn’t expect anything less from pns in the back here in the instructions they tell you how to use it, but basically you get the standard 256 to 1 dilution which we’re used to for the others too, as well.

So you’re not half to changing your Technique so 256 to 1 means half an ounce of this inside one gallon of water, and you can use that for the rinseless wash. You can use that as a glass cleaner, an interior cleaner, also and as a drying Aid. If you want it, then you can move up to a dilution of 64 to 1 as a quick detailer, and it works great I’ll talk about this more later on.

But it gives a nice gloss to the paint at the end and a good slickness, also and by the way, if you’re looking for the Slicker of all three products. As far as silky smooth finish once you’re done, this one here Takes the Cake, so it supersedes the McKees and the onr for slickness left on the paint they all do a great job at leaving a bit of gloss, but for slickness I noticed that it felt Silkier to the touch or smoother, and so what other dilution you can use it as a clay lubricant as well so 128 to one dilution ratio.

So basically, this is a multi-use type of product and by the way, as an interior, uh, quick detailer or an interior. Quick, cleaner. It works very well on all surfaces hey by the way leather vinyl rubber Plastics, regardless of what you have, but I really really enjoyed this as a glass cleaner, I’m telling you this is very good.

Another plus that works for this is. I have a ceramic coated vehicle, so it is important for me not to alter the hydrophobics too much when using something to either clean it or a Topper or whatnot. I still want to keep the properties of my coating going, so this didn’t leave any residue behind or did not alter the hydrophobic properties of my coating, which is very important, but at the end and it’s its own drying Aid, so you just have to dry it And wipe using the microfiber drying towel.

But if you want some additional gloss and slickness note that you can also use your drying Aid on top that you can spray and, of course, you’re looking for Synergy or chemical compatibility and pns has thought of this and in their lineup you can use their own Products as additional drying AIDS, so the classic right now the Dream Maker. This is just a gloss enhancer, so it has no protection, but it leaves the surface super glossy.

So it’s a gloss amplifier and you have their Classic. This is bead maker. So it’s a synthetic pain sealant but that can be applied on coatings on waxes on sealants gives you great gloss great slickness. I know you’re waiting for the demo, so let’s go ahead and jump into the demo I’ll show you how to dilute it and how to use it. Alright, guys for the demo super simple, so my vehicle isn’t too dirty, I wash it twice weekly.

So it’s just. Maybe a bit of dust a bit of a little dirt on the lower parts of the vehicle, so it’s perfect candidate for the rinseless wash again always use common sense. You have a thick layer of dirt and mud pre-rinse, the vehicle first and then do the rinseless wash. So what we’re going to need we’re going to need our wash media. So in this case I’m using the rag company Ultra black sponge.

It is laser cut and it has all these dimples inside it to trap the dirt. So this is very safe on the surface and it’s ergonomic or you can use your traditional microfiber wash mitt this Chanel wash mitt or whatever microfiber mint. You want basically the wash media that you traditionally use.

You can use with your rinseless wash five gallon bucket inside there. I have three gallons of water ready to go, so we are going to first put by the way at the bottom of your bucket always have a grit guard.

This is a grill as you can see, and it keeps the dirt trapped in the bottom, because you want all that dirt to stay in the bottom and not contaminate your wash solution. So we’re going to put the grit guard in the bottom there next so because I have three gallons of water inside the wash bucket I’m going to measure one and a half ounces of the absolute rinseless wash because don’t forget the 256 to 1 dilution ratio means Half an ounce of the absolute for every gallon of water, so in here three gallons one and a half ounces of the absolute rinseless wash.

So you pour that in there with whatever measuring cup or device you want, or three generous capfuls of the absolute rinseless wash and then you’re going to Simply take your hand you’re going to twirl it around gently. So gentle mixing is key with this. As we said earlier on so you’re going to disperse the rinseless wash evenly inside your solution, so there we go next.

What I like to do as you’ll see by the way, if you watch my full rinseless, wash tutorial on my channel again, the link to that is in the description under the article I like to pre-spray the vehicle so to pre-treat the surface. With a bit of that rinseless wash solution, so it starts encapsulating lifting emulsifying all that dirt and Grime on the surface before I do the contact wash. So what I like to take is a Miralax pump. Sprayer.

You can use an ik problem sprayer, you can use a regular trigger sprayer as you want so now that the solution is already diluted inside the bucket.

All you need to do is take your container you’re going to dunk it in there and that’s how you fill it up. So a lot of people had the question: how do I fill up my pump, sprayer or trigger sprayer? If that’s, how you do it, so it is very, very simple: we’re going to close that up there we go and now we’re going to Pump It Up. So there we go now.

It’S fully pressurized we’re good to go so we’re going to pre-spray the surface as a pre-treat and then you’re going to take your wash media.

In this case, I’m going to use the ultra black sponge we’re going to dunk it in there start moisting it up. So, let’s spray this there, we go use it on the glass as well. So now that it’s on the surface, it’s already starting to do its thing, so you get some nice beading, obviously, because my car is ceramic coated. So if you have some protection, a wax, a sealant or a coating, you should see it nicely, beat up and you’re going to see it on the glass as well. How well this works now?

The key is, with your wash media, you’re, going to wring it out and get it to the point where it is just barely dripping there you go just like so right, maybe a little more there you go so barely dripping out. You don’t want to come with it fully saturated, that’s how we use rinseless washes and then you are going to take your sponge or your washer can flip it around always work from top to bottom.

So the same things apply as for the rest of your vehicle work with safe, washing and drying methods. So that’s all there is to it. You dunk it back into your solution.

It’S going to release all that dirt and that Grime and drop it down to the bottom of the bucket, and you have that grit guard to prevent all that dirt from getting back into your clean, wash solution. So then, you are going to use a microfiber drying. Towel always use microfiber guys. This is as gentle as it gets for the paint forget those old synthetic Chamois. That’S a thing of the past so use a good quality microfiber drying towel.

In this case, one of my favorite ones – you guys know the rag company Gauntlet, which is fantastic. So it is nice, plush and thick. So you simply start drying and you cannotice right away when you’re cleaning and when you’re wiping the surface will be very, very slick to the touch, and that is one thing that I really really enjoyed about the absolute rinseless wash.

So there you go you’re drawing your panel fully like I said before. If you had that extra drying Aid, if you want bead maker or you want Dream Maker or things like that, you can use it and that’s all there is to it and you get that look at that, you’re, nothing, nothing, but a slick surface and a rinseless Wash will not scratch the surface.

Let me grab my inspection light and we can inspect it up close. But if you use common sense once again, you’re probably not going to be able to tell on camera, but this car now has been with me for a year and a half, and it is absolutely Flawless there’s nothing when you’re using safe, washing or drying methods.

In case in point, I’m going to use this, as I did in the past few weeks, to clean my vehicle when it’s only lightly dirty with this method, with the absolute rinse of swash and no problem there wow. So, okay, what are the conclusions that we can draw with this? Is it a game changing product?

You sometimes hear that right about the other products. I will conclude that no, it is not a game changer by any stretch of the imagination. However, what pns did this is their first iteration of a rinseless wash it’s the first time that they come into this world. They worked on this product for a year and it can hang out with the boys the big boys in the industry, so the McKees 37 and 914, and the optimum polymer Technologies norins or the onr no issues there. So their top tier this one here can fight with the best of them so cleaning capabilities.

Uh, it’s uh, probably a draw between all three, so the McKees, the onr and the absolute. They all will do the job absolutely well. They all have good lubrication. As far as price and value, the McKees is the more expensive of the bunch and the absolute and onr are the less expensive of the bunch. So if that’s important for you uh well, it’s a great purchase for the scent again, that’s subjective.

This is coconut lime. The McKee smells like apples and the onr like chemical blueberries, so you decide what you prefer, but I absolutely love the scent of this now. The another advantage that this one has over its competition is the way it leaves the pain feeling at the end, so that slickness that you’re going to feel to the touch. This has an upper leg compared to the other two. So that’s where I’d give.

This is where I was really impressed with this. Is that feeling you get once you’re done using this? They all leave a glossy surface, so I don’t know what magic they put in there, because you’re going to see this kind of gloss or Sheen, so not as much, obviously as something like pns Dream, Maker or B maker buddy nice finish so for maintenance is good.

This also does not alter the hydrophobic properties of whatever protection you have on your surface currently. So, if that’s important for you, I know it is for me that is great.

This is just a pure, cleaner, so overall, just a great experience guys if you already have either the McKees or the onr, you need to run out and purchase this absolutely not, but when you run out of them or if you’re, just looking for an alternative to The rinseless wash for whatever reason I would definitely highly recommend that you look into the pns absolute rinseless, wash once again I’ll, leave the links to all the tools, products and equipment that I showed in this article in the description under the article. If you want to have a deeper dive on how we do a rinseless wash and why we do a rinseless wash I’ll leave a link to my tutorial as well hope you enjoyed it guys if you did share the article with friends and family that might benefit From the information that you learned about today also smash that thumbs up button, it really helps to support the channel and tell the algorithm that you guys, like my article, so they can hopefully get suggested to more people on YouTube and, in the meantime, don’t forget, keep It tight keep it clean and I’ll see you on the next one.

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