Adam’s Graphene vs 303 Graphene vs Turtle Wax Seal N Shine !! EPIC BATTLE !!

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Hey, what’s up guys welcome to another episode of, so today we have a battle of three products: a torture test or chemical resistance test that you guys heavily requested. So recently i’ve been reviewing a few graphene based products and we had the 303 graphene spray coating and you guys asked me to test this against the adams graphene ceramic spray coating. So we’re going to do that, and you also requested that i test the 303 against the turtle wax ice sealant shine the updated formula. So i said why not put all three in the same article, so it’s going to be jam-packed, we’re going to show you the application of each product, we’re going to let them cure if curing is needed and then we’re going to go ahead and do a torture Test with a bunch of chemicals that you guys can quickly see here, so we have bug removers. We have mineral deposit, removers, tar, removers, wheel cleaners with iron movers built in.

We have a multi-purpose, all-purpose, cleaner and degreaser, and we have a killer at the end. If they still can resist this, so it’s going to be a jam-packed episode guys. I know you’ve been wanting to see this so today is that day, let’s go ahead and start the show. So hey guys, i’m pan welcome to the show. I hope you guys are having a great day, so let’s dig right into it, but before we do so, if you want to continue to learn more about car detailing, so all the products, equipment, tips, tricks and techniques make sure that you hit the subscribe button.

That’S found under this article and that way you’ll subscribe to my channel and never miss my future articles and hit the bell icon and that’s for you to be notified every time i upload a new article to my website. So today you guys heavily requested that i do a versus battle of three popular products or paint protectants by the way, So just sit back, relax and enjoy the show. So recently the craze is all about graphene coatings or graphene based coatings uh. Most of them right now currently use graphene oxide.

But more of that in discussions that i have on my channel with a few chemists, so go ahead and check that out, but basically the contenders once again, the first one is 303 graphene nano spray coating. So this one promises up to one year of protection, very easy to apply, can be applied on top of existing waxes paint, sealants or ceramic coatings. Almost no preparation is needed. You just wash your car, you dry it and then you apply it we’re. Looking at 15.

fluid ounces or 458 milliliters, and at the time of this recording, this is roughly 20 bucks, so great value we’re going to be talking about the price. Also, next up, we have a crazy contender. That’S been winning a lot of these chemical resistance tests over time online. I’M sure you’ve seen many of them and that’s the turtle wax ice sealant shine a synthetic spray sealant. This is the new updated formula with uv protection.

It also has sio2 or ceramic components inside this promises, five to six months of real world durability. Uh. This well is very easy to apply as well, because that’s the whole point this one here comes in a 16 fluid ounce bottle or 473 milliliters and at the time of this recording uh hovers anywhere from 8 to 10 bucks. So this is the less expensive product of the bunch, so the best value and last but not least, we have the atoms polishes graphene ceramic spray coating. So this one here well has to be applied on a virgin clear coat.

So you have to prep your paint very well or it can be applied over existing ceramic coatings. This one here, the the bottle is 12 fluid ounces or 355 milliliters and at the time of this recording is on special, i think for like 29 bucks, but usually hovers between 29 and 35 dollars. So is the most expensive product of the bunch. A cool thing about this one: it has uv tracing technology so once you apply it and buff it off, you can use a uv light and you’re gon na see that in the article to make sure that you didn’t forget any spots. So i think that’s a very good innovation.

All three products are good uh. This one here promises one plus year of protection, so we’re gon na see as time goes because, obviously this is a new product to market, but one plus year of protection and for those of you who are curious. Basically, it’s the same raw ingredients as the full-blown graphene ceramic coating uh from atoms. This one here is way more expensive. However, they promise up to seven years of protection, so the difference is again same raw materials just in a higher concentration in this bottle.

So we’re going to show you the application. We have a test vehicle today. I always like to use daily drivers. This one here is pretty neglected, so the whole point was not to make a museum finish, but basically we went ahead and prepped the entire surface of this hood for the application, which i split in three and the steps that i performed were to wash the vehicle Of course, to make it clean we end. We then used a chemical decontamination step, so an iron remover to remove any iron contamination and break dust from the surface.

We then moved on to a mechanical decontamination step with a clay towel and clay lubricant to remove any further embedded contamination from the surface. To make the surface slick, we then moved on to machine polishing, so a one step polish using 3d one and a buff and shine euro fiber pad microfiber pad so to do a quick polish to remove any light scratches or hazing or oxidation that might be on There to have a level playing surface and then we went ahead of course and did an ipa with a paint prep, so we used geon prep, so an alcohol-based prep to remove any polishing oils and residue. And now the paint is squeaky clean and, of course we did a water test before to make sure all the protection uh that might have been on there is removed and, as you can tell, the water is very slow to sheet off and there’s no water beating. So there’s no protection on there we’re working with virgin clear coat because we’re trying to be as scientific as possible in this test as much as we can be. I still like to use real world conditions as you see, so this is a test vehicle.

A real world vehicle. That’S used every day daily driver now we’re going to apply each product onto the sections. So what we’re going to start with is the 303 graphene nano spray coating, so, first of all always shake your chemicals guys before you use them. That is key today, we’re working at uh, roughly 22 degrees celsius, which i think is 71 degrees, fahrenheit correct me. If i’m wrong, but these are optimal conditions, so i’m working in a controlled environment and we have 45 humidity uh, always work in a well ventilated space as well and wear gloves guys.

You don’t want any chemicals touching your skin and, if need be, if you can’t work in a well-ventilated space, well, maybe eye protection and a mask also to help so shake your products. Well always follow the directions very important, so uh for the purpose of this article. I’M gon na quickly go through them, so in the case of 303 we’re spraying onto a microfiber applicator or a microfiber towel. We apply onto the surface in a criss-cross pattern to ensure to ensure proper coverage and after the application, allow the product to cure to a white haze and buff off with a clean microfiber towel. This product does not need any curing time once it’s buffed off.

So that’s the cool thing for those of you for whom it’s important so for each product, we’re going to try and do the same, we’re going to two or three sprays on the applicators. So one two three and we’re going to apply to the test panel. All three of them guys: i’ve been testing of course, long term, so stay tuned for long term, durability, results but they’re all very, very easy to apply. They all give you great results: slickness, water, beating water, sheeting, uv protection, you’re, protecting your car against the elements you get, the hydrophobic properties, meaning water, beading and water sheeting. So we’re going to let that one cure to white haze, which we can already see starting so we’ll be back for that we’re going to move on to the atoms graphene spray coating.

So this one we’re going to apply it to the far end over here. So the instructions say to basically spray this on a microfiber applicator or a microfiber towel you’re gon na wipe the product onto the paint allowing the surface to be fully covered. Then you’re gon na allow the product to cure for roughly one to two minutes. The product will look like rainbow slicks on the surface, so it’s basically gon na flash to a rainbow type color, meaning that the carriers are evaporating and it’s gon na tell you that it’s a visual indicator time to buff off or level the coating uh. It’S gon na look like an oil slick on water.

I’M sure you’re, gon na see this and uh. This product, though, needs four hours to cure before exposure to the elements, water, rain and all that kind of stuff. So let’s go ahead once again, we’re shaking the bottle very, very well for all the products and we’re gon na go ahead and do one two three sprays of the product: they all apply. Super easy paint protection technology guys has come to such a high degree. Now again, we’re going to do a cross hash pattern so up and down and left to right movement, so we’re trying to apply the same amounts and use the same application methods for all three products you can already tell.

Hopefully, the angle of the camera can see this maybe move around, but you’re going to see the oil slick on water finish that we have here and then last but not least, we have a classic in these chemical resistance battles because it resists pretty much everything you Throw at it and the kitchen sink, this has taken down titans and is very very inexpensive by the way. This is not a sponsored article, so nobody was paid here to do this article. For obvious reasons, we have three competitors that we’re putting up uh one against each other, so just to make that clear. So for the instructions on this one again, pretty simple: don’t overuse sealant shine so very few sprays. They call for one to two sprays per panel max uh in this case, because you don’t want any high spots in this case, so you’re gon na uh spray, the the product onto a microfiber towel or a microfiber applicator you’re, going to spread and wipe with a Clean folded, cloth or pad and then use a separate microfiber cloth to buff off and remove and that’s pretty much it.

There is no curing time needed for this product so another advantage. So let’s do the same. First of all, shake the chemical to make sure everything is properly distributed and we’re gon na do one two three as well, and we’re gon na apply this to the center part of the hood and timing is going to be perfect because the other two products are Almost ready to buff off so of the three, if that matters to you guys this one smells the best they updated the scent in the new formulation, the other two smell kind of that strong chemical smell. So just keep that in mind. So we’re going to use three separate towels to start buffing off these coatings, so we’re going to first start with the 303, hopefully come and see here on zoom.

I hope you can see this. This is what we’re talking about when we say a white haze. Hopefully this comes off well on camera and then you buff off. So if you did a good job of prepping your surface look at this. It comes off super easy.

So the advantage that i found with graphene based coatings is also the longer work time. You don’t have to worry about the curing time and high spots as much as you would with traditional ceramic coatings, so this one here is fully buffed off or leveled. We should say this is just to ensure that there are no high spots and that we leveled the product correctly. Then we’re going to move on to the atoms, graphene ceramic spray coating. Again, you look for that oil slick on water look and when it starts to dissipate.

Well, that’s when you know that it’s time to level the coating and to buff it off, just like so another very easy to remove product. Of course, it always helps when you work in a controlled environment, always work in the shade guys in a garage, if possible and on a cool surface, if you have to work outside no problem, just pick a time a day where you’re later in the day, when The sun is not at its brightest or very early in the morning and work in the shade again and on a cool surface and last but not least, we’re going to buff off the seal and shine so with this product. If you ever get streakiness, that’s probably because you over applied, i read the comments. Often so, as you can see here, absolutely no problems, but if you do get a bit of hazing, what you do is take a damp microfiber towel just wet with a bit of water, and you rub it on the paint gently and lightly, and that’s it. You’Ll be good to go, so all three products were applied.

We’Re gon na let roughly four hours pass by, because the atoms uh graphene uh ceramic spray coating needs four hours of curing time. So to be fair for all we’re gon na. Let that pass we’re going to let four hours go before we come back for the chemical torture tests, but the seal and shine no during time needed and the 303 graphene nano spray coating doesn’t need any curing time as well. The cool thing, as i said, and we’re gon na, have a look with the uv light for the atoms. There is a uv tracer technology inside.

So when you flash this on there, you can see if you did an even application, because you can see the uv reaction with the uv reactive components inside the coating. So i don’t know if you can see this on camera, but we see that we did an even application. So that is pretty awesome. I can see that we didn’t miss any spots while applying. So i think that’s a great innovation and many many companies should come out with that, because it removes the guesswork of.

Did you apply evenly and correctly? Okay, guys so we’ll be back in four hours to do the chemical resistance tests all right guys. So it’s been over four hours, so the atoms has had the time to fully cure because they requested four hours and just as a reminder, seal and shine doesn’t need any curing time and the 303 graphene nano spray coating does not need any curing time as well. So what we’re going to do? First, i want to do a subjective, slickness test because i’m wearing gloves i’m actually going to ask my girlfriend isabelle.

Let’S have a uh another opinion here. So isabelle touched the surface of each one and you let us know which one you feel is the slickest. It’S always nice to have a woman’s opinion. Why not guys so they all by the way, are very, very slick to the touch. Oh, she already pointed is that your top pick in the center this one here all right, so that’s seal and shine in first place, number two.

That would be the 303 and the third one is the atoms, graphene ceramic coating, so yep they’re, all super slick but uh seal and shine in her opinion, was the slickest of the bunch. So now we are going to go ahead and do an initial water test, because we want to see the water beading and water sheeting or the hydrophobic properties before we go ahead and do the chemical tests. So this will simulate you guys rinsing the car. Well, i think, for now it’s pretty obvious to see that they all have very tight water beading. The water sheeting also seems to be very good on both of the graphene coatings.

It seems to shed the water a bit more, but that being said, seal and shine is a great beater and sheeter as well. So let’s do it one more time, so you guys can have a look. All right go in closer to have a look quickly of the water beads on each side. So first one is the 303 second one that you’re looking at now is the sealant shine and the last one is the atoms graphene. So all pretty pretty good.

So now, for the first test, we’re gon na do just a wash with a car shampoo, so i’m using car pro reset, which is a very intensive car, shampoo and it’ll, also serve to remove any residue during the chemical tests, but for round one, let’s see if They can resist just a standard wash we’re gon na go ahead and rinse all right, they’re all going strong. So i’m going to go ahead and dry. The surface you’re also going to see how quick it is with a dryer, a car dryer or a leaf blower. If your paint is protected, everything is super quick to dry, so for test number one: we’re gon na use car pro bug out, so this is safe on ceramic coatings, so we’re gon na spray generously on the surface, we’re going to wipe it in using a microfiber Towel work that in each product we’re going to use their own dedicated microfiber towels, so we don’t have any cross contamination in between chemical tests, so we’re going to rinse. So we’re gon na do a quick wash after each chemical test with car carpro reset, and this is to make sure that there are no residues left from the chemicals on the paint which could alter the surface behavior for the hydrophobic properties.

So this way we ensure that the panel is fully cleaned so so far so good, it seems that they all resisted the chemical with no issues we still get water beading on all the surfaces and the water is still quick to sheet. So i’m going to go ahead and dry. It now for chemical number, two we’re going to be using the last coat clear sr. So this is a water spot, remover or mineral deposit remover. Okay, we’re gon na work that in we’re going to rinse off we’re gon na wash with the shampoo to neutralize any left over residue, we’re going to rinse again okay, so they seem to be sailing through this test as well, so still beating on all three corners.

The water is still free to sheet, and so very quick water sheeting the beads are still round and tight. So, let’s move on to the next chemical, which in this case is going to be a tar remover, so g on tar, if you have any tar deposits on your vehicle again, these are safe for ceramic coated: cars. Okay, let’s work that in you can apply tar removers on a wet or dry surface. So i’m testing this on a wet surface same goes for eye removers. You can apply those on dry paint or on wet paint, so we’re just varying the test a little bit.

I’M gon na go ahead and rinse off we’re going to clean the surface with the shampoo, so these are not tests that are conducted in a lab by any means, but i think you guys appreciate the fact that we’re actually using a daily driver so an actual Vehicle not a test panel. I always like to do this on rail cars that people drive so we’re going to rinse this again, all right. So again they seem to have sailed through this. Let me know in the comment section by the way, if you already see an early winner for now, in my opinion, they’re all doing quite well – very tight water beating we still get water sheeting, i don’t see any signs of them failing just yet so we’re going To blow dry the surface, all right on to the next chemical, in this case we’re going to use a wheel cleaner. This is the atom’s wheel, cleaner.

This one here has uh iron removers built in so the color changing technology, so some pretty uh powerful cleaning stuff. We are going to work that in to the paint i can see the paint protectants fighting the products off as i’m applying this. So that’s always a good sign. You can see that the protection is working for you, so we’re gon na go ahead and rinse that off okay, i’m going to do the rinse with the shampoo always make sure we don’t have any left over residue. So so this is the first time.

I think we can see a slight change in behavior on the adam’s graphene coating side, so it switched a little bit more towards sheeting, but we still have water beads on all of them. They still all produce sheeting, so the protection is definitely definitely there for all. Three, so one more time, so i think you can see on the atom side, just a bit more sheeting compared to water beading, which is actually a good thing too. Water sheeting is always a good thing, because water droplets won’t stay on the surface as long and you won’t get any mineral deposits leading to well water spots. So, let’s dry this off.

Okay, now we’re going to move on to the heavy hitters in this case, super clean multi-purpose, cleaner and degreaser diluted three to one so three parts of water to one part of product – and this is some pretty strong stuff, very good, cleaner. Okay, so far, all the products are doing extremely well. So this is a sign that technology has evolved to a point now, where car care products really really protect your paint, i mean never, would we ever submit our vehicles to such an onslaught of chemicals in the first place, so this gives you an idea of just How much the chemists are working hard on these formulations and you’re actually getting tremendous durability, not only as far as time is concerned, so in the amount of months, but also against chemicals, the weather and all sorts of stuff, and, as you can see, they’re still all Present still going well, i’m gon na do the shampoo wash make sure we don’t have any lingering residue the car pro reset shampoo. By the way you know it’s, my one of my favorite ones. If you watch my 2020 car detailing products awards article, it’s my favorite shampoo, very good for ceramic coated, cars or graphene coated cars as well tremendous cleaning capabilities.

So again we can see on the far right the atoms turn a bit more to water sheeting. Definitely now, but still great water beading, the beads are still tight. The ceiling shine. This is the benchmark. Look at this still looks unscathed and well.

The 303 is very surprising as well extremely tight water beating still very present so yeah. All three are still going strong by this point. Typically, many regular sealants and waxes would have been dead after just a few rounds, and these three uh pain protectants are still going strong. Let me know again in the comment section: is there anyone that you think is a clear winner right now? Let’S do a quick test from your vantage point, man again, they’re, all there great, tight and round water beating even the atoms.

I mean very very hard to tell apart guys, they’re all doing extremely well, i’m very pleased by what i see so, let’s blow dry this and let’s give them the ultimate shocker to finish it off. Okay. So what we’re going to use now is schaefer’s citroel, 266. Otherwise known as the sealant killer, brian from apex big shout out, because i think the term is coined by you – uh, not a lot of stuff resists this. This is a multi-purpose citrus based biodegradable, cleaner and degreaser, but this is some strong stuff.

Usually, this kills off pretty much everything so shake the bottle well and we’ll see how they survive right. I can see that look at this guys, they’re all fighting the citral 266. If you look closely wow. So let’s work this in with a microfiber towel. If they go through this as well seal and shine in the past, we know in my previous torture test for the new formula that it also survived the schaefer’s central 266.

So let’s go ahead and rinse this off wow. Okay, let’s do the shampoo cleansing remove any of that residue. It smells like oranges here right now because of the citrul, let’s rinse again, all right, so we’re not going to lie. Obviously it’s pretty clear. They did take a bit of a hit uh here on the atom’s side, the water is sheeting a bit slower now, and hopefully you can tell the beads aren’t as round they started to be more irregular in shape turtle wax sealant shine still seems to be going Strong, the beads are still round they’re still pretty tight, although it did take a slight hit, but i mean i think it’s a testament that is still going strong, 303, very impressive as well.

The beads are not as small and as tight, not as round some of them are irregular, but i mean it seems pretty strong you guys. Let me know, i think it seems to be very close between the ice seal and shine and the 303 graphene nano spray coating as far as chemical resistance goes, but i mean even the atoms is a very, very close. Second, if there was, if i really was pushed to select based on what i’m seeing here i mean – maybe turtle wax i seal and shine by the slightest edge, but i think it’s pretty clear 303 did well the atoms too. I mean my god. Let’S do this test one more time from your vantage point, so one at a time we’re gon na flood each section.

So look at the atoms, so you can see that the sheeting of the water is a bit slower compared to the beginning, but the protection is definitely still there. It’S still slick to the touch. It’S still doing some beading, it’s just that the water is a bit slower to sheet off. Now, let’s flood the middle section, that’s the turtle wax i seal and shine improved formula. So this one, as you can tell sheds the water very very quickly we still get tons of beads.

It did take a bit of a hit and it’s to be expected. I mean we went through a barrage of chemicals, but i mean it’s still there and still strong and let’s flood the 303 side, so very, very similar in performance to the turtle wax i seal and shine sheeting still very quick. The bees are still there, although not as round maybe as turtle wax, but we’re really really nitpicking guys. I don’t know you. Let me know again in the comment section under the article which one would you pick as the winner?

I still cannot believe they survived this uh man. What more can we throw at it? You know what, let’s make a surprise for my viewers. Let’S dry this off, i’m gon na try something we’re not usually supposed to do on paintwork. So what i’m gon na do here guys is use an acid based wheel, cleaner.

This is meguiar’s wheel, brightener, it’s diluted four to one so as per specifications. Don’T do this to your paint only in the case of a professional, please or if you have a lot of experience so disclaimer, oh god, let’s see what this is going to do. Let’S pump this up, okay, so one two, three, four, five, one, two, three, four, five, two, three, four five. I can’t believe we’re doing this quickly work this in i mean already so far. It’S pretty obvious that all three are winners.

To be honest, i can’t even believe we sailed through all of this and they were still on the paint, let’s quickly rinse this off [ Laughter, ]. Look at my reaction honestly guys. Do you realize that they’re all still there all three of them? Let me do the shampoo rinse before you get closer, just make sure we don’t have any residue, but uh god. This is one of those torture tests for the ages.

Man technology has come forward so much. This was shot in real time by the way, no editing. So i always love you guys to see the results wow. Oh man, you guys know. I love car detailing i’ve been detailing cars for over 23 years.

I still get enthusiasm and i love doing these kinds of things for you guys. You requested this article. You wanted to see the 303 graphene you wanted to see the atoms spray graphene and you wanted to see turtle wax i seal and shine as well. So we did that in a head to head to head battle they’re all still there they’re all still going strong. I don’t know what more to say what other products would you like me to to throw at these guys?

We went from acid-based products to alkaline, based products to wheel cleaners, iron, removers, tar, removers, multi-purpose, cleaners and degreasers. I mean we threw everything and the kitchen sink, and i mean look at this they’re all still there. It’S really really hard to pick a winner just from the torture test. I think, if we’re nitpicking again, it’s uh first and second place is between turtle, wax ice seal and shine and 303 graphene uh. I think there’s a slight advantage still to turtle wax.

I mean uh sio2, infused pain, sealant, the brand new formula for, like nine bucks. That’S crazy, so i think the overall winner would be still turtle, wax ice seal and shine for the chemical torture test. Uh second place i would give to 303 graphene and very close and third, the atoms spray graphene by all means. These are absolutely incredible. I don’t know what more to say.

I was not expecting them to go this far in the rounds. Uh we even finished off with an acid-based wheel, cleaner. I mean they’re still there. So imagine the protection you’re getting. So, let’s do a summary guys.

303 graphene spray coating at the time of this recording, roughly 20 us dollars and you’re getting about a year of protection, claimed the turtle wax ice seal and shine the new formula you’re getting five to six months of claimed protection and you’re. Looking at eight to nine bucks, depending on when you’re looking at prices and on the furthest corner here we have the atoms. Graphene spray coating usually goes for roughly 35 us dollars could be had right now for just under 30 bucks uh. So is it worth three times the price of seal and shine? I don’t know you guys decide.

There are other factors, that’s what i want to talk about, also guys so chemical torture tests, although they’re very fun and entertaining to look at. I still want to caution. You because i do them for pure entertainment purposes, because you guys want them always look at these with a grain of salt, because that’s only one of the criteria that you guys need to look at before selecting your paint protectant. There are many other factors, so hydrophobic properties, the beating and the sheeting long-term durability. How long are you looking for value?

How costly is the product to purchase the ease of application? Is it simple, you’re getting stuff like chemical resistance? That’S one of the tests, the gloss levels as well. I think they pretty much all are top tier as far as gloss enhancement and basically the slickness as well. There’S minor differences between them uh but again for the slickness.

I think my girlfriend isabelle picked turtle wax. I seal and shine as the first, but i mean they’re all pretty much on par. These are all top tier protectants guys. You cannot go wrong again, regardless of which one you pick, but i’m very curious if you’ve had experience with any one of these three. Let me know which one in the comment section drop your comments.

I always read them and love to reply to my audience and also, if you had to pick a winner of these three, which one would it be and for my next chemical torture test well, which ones do you want me to put one against each other? Let me know, drop a comment by the way, guys all the products and the equipment that i use i’ll make sure to include the links in the description under the article, for you guys to check them out. Also, i want to remind you if you love these kinds ofarticles, and you want to continue to learn more about car detailing. So all the products, equipment, tips, tricks and techniques make sure you hit the subscribe button. That’S found under this articleand that way you’ll subscribe to my channel and never miss my future articles.

So guys again, if you enjoy this one way you can show me your support is not only drop a comment but also smash that thumbs up button. Giving a like always helps me and well lets me know that i’m doing a good job with the articles and keeping you guys entertained and educated on everything car detailing related. So, as i always say, oh well, we kept it tight and we kept it clean. Like my shirts, by the way, if you want to encourage me, you can also check out my merch store lots of t-shirts, hoodies long, sleeve, shirts, different logos, different colors stuff for women as well. I got a bunch of cool stuff so i’ll leave that link in the description under the article so guys don’t forget to keep it tight.

Keep it clean and i’ll, see you on the next one.

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